Listing Terms and Conditions

This is a sub-set of the overall terms and conditions, and is specifically for listing business and servies on the “Get Out With The Kids” website, such as attractions, campsites, hotels, hostels, cottages, and bed and breakfast accommodation.

Get Out With The Kids reserves the right not to publish a listing, or to remove a published listing. Notification or reason may not always be given.

A paid listing may not be published until payment is received. A paid listing may be removed or down graded if the annual payment is not received.

Get Out With The Kids retains editorial rights over a listing, and may alter the wording within a listing to fit within the style of the website or to correct grammer.

By submitting photos and other media with the listing you grant rights to Get Out With The Kids to publish and use the materials for publishing with your listing, and for promoting your listing on Get Out With The Kids and social media.

Listing owners, or anyone associated with running or marketing the organisation in the listing, are not permitted to submit reviews on their listing, nor submit reviews on competitors listings. Doing so is likely to get the listing removed, or the listing replaced with a notice explicitly stating why Get Out With The Kids no longer endorses that listing.

Responding to comments reviewers make on a listing is permitted. Comments are moderated.

We may use the e-mail address you supplied to occasionally contact you about your listing or items of interest on Get Out With The Kids.

Get Out With The Kids retains the right to alter and update these terms and conditions.

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