Local 3 Peaks Hiking Challenge

Get your family outdoors with this hiking challenge to bag 3 summits in your area.

You may have heard of the 3 Peaks Challenge, where you have 3 of the largest peaks in England, Wales, and Scotland to climb within 24 hours.

Well, this isn't that. Instead, we've pulled together some local 3 peaks for you to attempt with your family, and there's no time limit. Bag each of the 3 peaks in each of the local challenges.

Not every peak's summit is accessible. Get as close to the summit as you can, keeping safe and legal. Always be prepared for bad weather and considerate of your family's abilities.

How to complete a Local 3 Peak Challenge

Browse the map below to the area you wish to try. Then view one of the summits marked on the map.  When viewing the summit's details, you'll be able to view the 2 other summits in the challenge.

To bag the summit, take a picture of your family at the top, or as close as you can, then post that photo on each summit's web page in the section for bagging the summit.

Local 3 Peak Challenge

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