Review: Worst Campsite ever

June 6, 2020

Pictures say it all really. All showers were dirty, bins were full, the floors to the old rotting timber blocks are of unhygienic chipboard. There are peepholes in many places with peeling window stickers and gaps everywhere (should anyone want a look in). Many were not lit at night either. Kids area near entrance is within feet of an open cesspit as is the fresh water tap serving the campsite. There was also a dumped/disused galvanised water tank for kids to cut themselves on and other dumped items in the field. Mens’ toilets have no roof and are just fence panels and made to look lovely with hanging baskets (rather hilarious). I also believe waste effluent comes from one of the blocks untreated into the pig’s pen which is totally unacceptable. The nearest pub is also miles away! Our group packed up after one night. The owner did nothing to try and find out why we left. Go there at your own peril!

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  1. Hi Becky,
    Thanks so much for reporting this.
    We’ve not been there for many years and it looks like it’s gone downhill somewhat.

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