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HI, thanks for the information , I cant wait to get to Ca’savio. I wondered if you could let me know if it would be best to travel from the airport ( Marco Polo di Venezia ) to ca’savio via Venice and the boats or if it would be better to drive round on the SS14. Which way did your taxi go ? We are hiring cars but also have children and fancy the easiest option for the first day.

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  1. Hi Sinead,

    Yes, we flew in to the main Marco Polo airport and got a taxi bus to Ca’Savio. We pre-booked this from the UK, which saved us some money. At the time, it was 90 Euros each way.

    I think you could take the ferry, and it certainly would be a cool way to arrive in Venice, though I think it depends how much luggage you have. You’ll also need to catch the bus to Ca Savio when the ferry lands.

    Hope that helps.

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