Haughmond Hill, Shrewsbury – walks, picnics, and mountain bikes

Haughmond Hill is located on the outskirts of Shrewsbury in Shropshire, and is a good place for family walks or off-road mountain biking.

The hill is relatively small (as hills go in Shropshire), and is largely covered by forest managed by the Forestry Commission, though there is a small quarry on one part of the hill.

The Forestry Commission has spent quite a bit of money updating the site into a popular place for families to walk or bring their bike, with organised paths and bike trails across the hill.


You can download a copy of the above map from the Forestry Commission website.

The paths are graded by different lengths and difficulty, starting from an ‘all ability trail’ to a more challenging walk.

This time we took the Geo Trail.

The Geo Trail

The Geo Trail is a gentle path that easily winds its way up the hill by the nearby quarry (which is hidden from view).

The paths are very good and suitable for push chairs, and an easy trail for younger legs.

Half way along the path is a viewing platform to look at Haughmond Quary.

A number of stone information boards (low down at kids height – good thinking Forestry Commission) shows different prehistoric creatures and events that shaped the rocks in the area (Shropshire has one of the most diverse geologies in the country).

Partway along the trail are some large rocks and an information panel.  Here you can find sea creature fossils in the rocks.

As with most forests, there’s lots of things for kids to find (walking sticks being the obvious) but this massive uprooted tree stump formed a natural climbing frame.

There are also lots of places to sit along the path, so plenty of places to stop and have picnic in the sun 😉

Car Park, Cafe, and Toilets

Back at the ample-sized car park there’s more picnic benches, a cafe, and toilets.

All in all, a good walk in the forest with views over the Shropshire Plain if you make it to the top, and also a good place for mountain biking.

Getting There

Use SY4 4PW with your Sat Nav to find the general area, though this doesn’t get you to exactly the right spot.  If you have an OS map you can use coordinates SJ 545 147.

Alternatively, follow the B5062 from Shrewsbury to Newport.  Keep an eye out for Haughmond Quarry sign.  DON’T turn into the Quarry, but take the next right after that.  Keep going down the lane and you’ll see the entrance to the car park on the right.

What else is in the area?

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  1. A few bins along the trails may encourage owners to clean up after their dogs. I always do but it’s so frustrating when you then have to carry the bag with you around the complete trail back to the car park before you can bin it.

    • Yes, I agree. We’ve had to carry many a bag from our dog’s contribution.
      They did have signs saying get a stick and flick it into the undergrowth. However, I’d rather clean it up.

  2. […] We’re lucky where we live in that there’s a good area to mountain bike on Haughmond Hill. […]

  3. Unfortunately I’ve heard that the Forestry Commission are planning on introducing parking charges, so it may no longer be free to park in the future.

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