Scottish Born Inventor Redefines the Child Bike Seat

November 19, 2013

Not happy with the lack of child seats for Mountain Biking, Glen Dobson has invented the Mac Ride.

Glen and sone Mac on the Mac Ride

Glen Dobson (Scottish born, who now lives in Canada with his young family), wasn’t happy with the lack of child seats for mountain biking. And I know just what he means.

“As a mountain bike and general outdoor enthusiast, I wanted to share my love of off-road adventure with my kids. We do a lot of camping, skiing and hiking, but when it came to my true passion, mountain biking, I found the opportunities to share with my kids were lacking. There are several bike seats on the market, but I wanted one that was suitable for the trails. Since I couldn’t find what I was looking for, the solution was to build one.” , Glen Dobson

If you’ve ever tried to go off road with a rear mounted bike seat, well, expect your child to be a bit shaken.

Front mounted seats are an alternative, but are currently quite bulky, and don’t give you the freedom to move in order to balance correctly when off road.

Well Glen has come up with a solution called the Mac Ride ( This is a front mounted child seat that doesn’t get in the way when mountain biking.

The design and prototype has been refined over this last year and Mac Ride now has a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for tooling.

Here’s Glen (and Mac) to tell you about Mac Ride.

I really like this and wish I had something like this when my older kids were younger.

My youngest is growing up fast (now 5), and is getting to grips with his own bike, but it will take a while before he can ride with me and his older sisters.

However, Mac Ride is designed for children aged 2 to 6, so a great add-on for getting kids into mountain biking from a young age.

I also like the fact that it is easy to fit and remove.  My mountain bike has become the tag-along work horse, and although the tag-along can be removed within 5-10 minutes, too many times I’ve not gone for a bike ride because it is still attached. It looks like the Mac Ride solves this problem.

You can pledge support for Mac Ride on Kick Starter here.

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