Finding traffic-free places to cycle with the kids

July 7, 2020

Getting your kids out on their bikes opens up all sorts of adventures. It’s not only good healthy exercise, but your kids can go further on two wheels, plus if you equip your bike correctly, you can bring more things for a picnic.

However, there’s one problem, and it’s certainly a big one that limits our family’s two-wheeled adventures: the traffic is a nightmare.

Better family cycling: Traffic Free

But I hope that’s not put you off, as there is plenty of traffic-free, or almost traffic-free, cycle routes.

The problem is where to find them.

If I had the time and money, I’d list a lot more traffic-free cycle routes here on Get Out With The Kids, as finding them this is a real problem for us parents.

You can find some cycle routes here on GOWTK and below we’ve listed other websites where you can find family-friendly and traffic-free cycle routes.

Toddler cycling on a balance bike

Places to Cycle with Toddlers and Very Young Kids

If you have very young kids, perhaps in a push-along trike, balance bike, or bike with handle, then most traffic-free and flat walking routes are fine.

Many National Trust properties will have walks where this is suitable. And in many places, you can even borrow a balance bike.

Similarly, the Forestry Commission, well known for having many bike trails for older children, have many easy trails where your kids can take their first few pedal strokes in the forest.




About to go on a traffic-free cycle ride

Traffic-Free Cycling with Older Children

Once your child can cycle unsupported, then its time to let them find their bike confidence.

I recommend starting them off with flat and paved areas that aren’t too long.

Introduce them to off-road cycling. Most importantly, this is learning not to come off on gravel and dirt by showing them how to break and balance on these surfaces. Most of the forest trails will be like this.




Taking it to the next level

Those, of course, are not all the places to you can find to cycle. Here are other places to find cycle routes, but these aren’t traffic-free and beginner-friendly!

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