Cycling Adventures: Geocaching

July 8, 2020

We find Geocaching an excellent tool for motivating kids to walk further. It’s also a fantastic activity for your next family bike adventure

What is Geocaching?

Not everyone has heard of Geocaching, so let’s explain what it is.

All over the planet are secret hidden treasures, known as caches. You can locate these hidden caches using a free app or by visiting

Using the geocaching app and your phone’s GPS, you can get to the approximate location of the cache, and then solve a clue to find the cache. 

There are a few rules to this game:

  • Inside the cache are often little things that you can exchange. These are called “swap-ables”. Don’t take something without putting something else back in.
  • Sign the log when you find it. 
  • Don’t let others see you take the cache or put it back. 
  • Hide the cache where you found it.
Child hiding geocaching
Swapping a swap-able in this geocache we found in the Sierra Mountains, USA

Some swap-ables have a metal bar code tag on them with the Geocaching logo. These are track-ables. You log your discovery of a track-able on, which can show you all the places it has travelled. You then place the trackable in a new cache and log its new location on

We’ve found track-ables that have travelled the world a couple of times. You can keep track of them after you place them in a cache and see how far they travel. 

A traditional cache containing a travelbug
This cache we found in Italy, complete with a track-able travel bug.

Playing Geocaching while Cycling

There are many places you can take your family for traffic-free cycling (see our list here). 

Find a cycle route and then check for caches along it using

You can print the map and the cache instructions at home, or use the app. Just don’t cycle while holding your phone 😉

You’ll soon find your kids wanting to find the next geocache. Remember, it’s a secret game. Don’t reveal the caches to others that aren’t playing the game.

Happy treasure hunting! 😀

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