The Crossing Part 2: I did it!

I did it! 200 miles mountain biking over 3 hill national parks, from coast to coast.

The Crossing Part 1: I must be mad!

This year I set my self a big challenge: completing the Crossing, a coast-to-coat mountain bike challenge.

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Family Bikepacking – What worked on our first attempt

At last, after all the preparation, we get to go bikepacking and learn what works and what doesn't.

Top 5 ways to pack for family bike rides

If you are taking your family on a big bike ride and having a picnic, how do you take all the stuff?

Cycling Adventures: Geocaching

Geocaching is a great way to get your family out exploring. Why not trying on your bikes?

Finding traffic-free places to cycle with the kids

Getting your family out on their bikes is great, but where's safe to cycle? Check out these resources for traffic-free and family cycle routes.

Fun Cycling Games For The Whole Family

In this article, guest author and cyclist Paul, provides some great tips to help keep the kids entertained while on a family bike ride.

Bike Packing in the Yorkshire Dales

We give bike packing a try, and take on one of the big climbs in the Yorkshire Dales.

Starting your kids cycling with Islabikes

Jen and Sim bought their kids the highly recommended Islabikes. But just how good are they for the money?

8 Expert Tips to get Your Child a Great Bike

With all the choices available, buying the right bike for your kid can be daunting. We ask bike experts Wheelies for what advice they would give to parents ...

6 Inspiring Families that have Cycled Across the World

Get inspired by this 6 families that between them have clocked up over 88,000 miles cycling all over and around the world.

Tag Along Mountain Biking – It is possible!

It is possible to do some easy mountain biking with a tag along trailer on the back. There are some draw backs of course...

Get Out With The Kids
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