Ghyll Scrambling in the Lake District

May 17, 2016

Ghyll Scrambling in the Lake District

When we recently visited the Lake District we took the opportunity to do some Ghyll Scramling.

What are Ghylls?

Ghylls are the rocky crags that you can find on the side of the fells, and are usually filled with water.

Ghyll scrambling is very similar to Gorge Walking…but instead you are climbing up a Ghyll.

Family Friendly Ghyll Scrambling

We went Ghyll Scrambling with Distant Horizons, who can provide family friendly sessions that are suitable for smaller people.

Check out our video below.

All the gear was provided for us, and they even picked us up from our campsite and took us to the location.

This was an excellent family activity.

Our instructor was very good, and extremely good with the kids, even giving the youngest a carry when he got a little tired.

We wore helmets (of course), heavy duty waterproofs, welly boots, and a harness.

There wasn’t much climbing with the harness involved but we did rope up once for safety when climbing a steep waterfall.

If the water is really cold, or there is a lot of it, then wetsuits are provided too.

The activity took us nearly two hours.

Although we weren’t climbing the highest of fells, the views were quite something when we reached the source of the water at the top. There was a sense of achievement and big smiles all around.

A quick way down

Going down was a lot quicker than going up!

With the gentle slope of the grassy fell we were on, ‘bum sliding’ was the quickest way to get down!

This was a really good activity, and if you are the Lake District, we can recommend contacting Distant Horizons and giving it a go.



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