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Family Berkshire, England

Biking Buddies

October 20, 2017

I took the 18 year old with me as she . . . was on an inset day from College. We went to Windsor Great Park ( just up the road) and spent two hours geo-caching. We found 4 caches. One was tricky, we were in the right place but didnt think we were, 20 minutes walking round and ended up at original spot. Saw two stag deers as a bonus.

Bean Family West Sussex, England

New Faces

October 3, 2017

Fantastic we love Geocaching and we find . . . it a useful tool to keep the boys motivated on a longer walk or a new location.

Grayston Family Shropshire, England

March 5, 2017


We went and did a spot of . . . Geocaching. Not done it in a while actually. The GPS doesn’t always get the precise location of the geocache but after a while you get a feeling for where they might be hidden 😉

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