The Clean-Up Challenge

Unfortunately, not everyone takes care of our green spaces as much as you or I.

Litter is not only unsightly, it is bad for the environment. Plastics can last for years, and yet a lot of plastics can be recycled these days.

get your family out and do a spot of litter picking

So, here’s a challenge for you: get your family out and do a spot of litter picking.

You could do it in the green spaces close to your home, or get out in the countryside and help clean it up.

For extra piece of mind, I suggest you get one or two litter pickers so that your kids don’t have to touch the rubbish. (Click here to see some litter pickers on Amazon).

Once you’ve finished, sort and recycle what you can.

Remember to take a photo and come back here to collect your Clean-Up Challenge badge and earn more Active Family Points by uploading your photo and get on this challenge Hall of Fame.

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Grayston Family completing the The Clean-Up Challenge
Grayston Family
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