Family Challenges & Activities

If you want to pick up a new outdoor skill to do with your family or want help teaching one to your kids, take a challenges or course below.

Can you go the distance?

Set your family a distance goal and see if you can achieve it.

Can you earn the 50-mile badge in 3 months? How about 500 miles in a year?

Simply get outside, go for a hike or cycle ride, and log your miles here.

Family Navigation Lessons

Start the Family Navigation lessons and get outdoors with these fun activities that teach yourself and your kids how to navigate.

  • These lessons are ideal if you need to refresh your own map reading and compass skills.
  • These are great activities you can do with your kids so that they get confident at using a map and compass.
  • If you are not sure about how to use the compass you will learn how to use a compass to help find your location.
  • If you find maps confusing you will learn how to read a map and understand basic map symbols.

Map Symbol Quiz

How well do you know your map symbols?

We have two map symbol quizzes that you can take: a simple one that’s ideal to do with your kids and a more difficult one.

All questions are multiple choice.

You can take these quizzes as many times as you like.