Canoeing With Kids

Canoeing with Kids

Taking your kids canoeing is a great outdoor activity, and a great family outdoor adventure you can have most of the year round.  It’s also easy to pack into a day’s exploring. 

Imagine paddling down a peaceful river, countryside all around, and find an ideal little beach for a picnic.  An unspoilt place, only accessible by water perhaps.

Children getting confidence in water at a young age is good for their development, and learning to master a canoe themselves grows self-confidence and independence…as well as being great fun of course!

Getting your family onto the water needn’t be as difficult, expensive, or dangerous as some may first think, but there are some obvious dos and don’ts.

Here’s a set of articles that should help you get out and enjoy the water, regardless of never doing it before, or getting back on the water after many years.

Click on an item below to learn about about starting to canoe with your kids.  Alternatively jump to the bottom of this page to view the latest canoeing posts.

Learning the Basics

Canoe Training. (Photo c/o British Canoe Union)

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Choosing a Canoe

Children paddling a sit-on-top canoe

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What to Wear

What to wear when kayaking

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Latest Canoeing Posts


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Places to Paddle

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