Vango Shangri La 15 Grande vs Outwell Dreamboat 16

We’ve reviewed and compared large SIMs before, but with Outwell’s new 16cm thick Dreamboat, it’s time to see how the two big heavyweights of luxury sleeping maps compare. It’s the Vango Shangri La 15 Grande vs. the Outwell Dreamboat 16 cm.

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Pros and Cons

Which is the most comfortable sleeping mat?

Comfort is down to personal taste as some of us like firmer beds, and others of us like softer beds.

However, from my point of view, all of these mats feel very comfortable.

I know I’ve been asked “Which is more comfortable, the Vango Shangri La or the Outwell Dreamboat?”. Well, they are both very comfortable.

I’ve not yet use the new Dreamboat when the nights are hot, but with the ‘Warm Side Up’ that could, in theory, keep you cooler and so perhaps a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Winner: All

Which is more comfortable, the 16 cm or 7.5 cm Outwell Dreamboat?

Another question is which of the Outwell Dreamboat sizes is more comfortable.

And yes, the 16 cm is more comfortable, but only by a little bit.

If you are used to a small 2 cm camping mat, then the Outwell Dreamboat 7.5 cm bed feels extremely comfortable.

However, the gap between 7.5 cm and 16 cm, in terms of comfort, is much less than compared to a 2 cm thick mat and the 7.5 cm thick Dreamboat.

So, yes, the 16 cm Dreamboat is more comfortable than the 7.5 cm. However, the 7.5 cm Dreamboat is very comfortable, and could be comfortable enough.

I tested laying on my side. On less comfortable mats, your hip and shoulders might hit the firm floor of the tent. This wasn’t the case for even the 7.5 cm mat.

I did feel the floor when sitting on the 7.5 cm mat, but we hadn’t inflated the mat that much.

Winner: Outwell Dreamboat 16 cm, but the 7.5 cm may be comfortable enough.

Which camping mat is the biggest?

If you want a large comfortable sleeping mat, the Outwell Dreamboat 16 cm is the biggest all round.

Outwell Dreamboat 16
Vango Shangri La Grande
Outwell Dreamboat 7.5

Winner: Outwell Dreamboat 16

Which Self-Inflating Mat inflates the best?

So none of the mats completely inflate themselves. The one that gets closest is the Vango Shangri-La.

The Outwell Dreamboat 16 cm wasn’t too bad when left for a while, but still needed air blowing into it. The 7.5 cm was the worst at self-inflating.

I should not that we’ve been storing the sleeping mats rolled up. All the manufacturers recommend storing the mats unrolled. This will make them self-inflate better.

One thing I wish all the mats had was an attachment for a pump.

Winner: Vango Shangri La 15 Grande

Which is the easiest SIM to deflate?

All three SIMs in this test have valves that make it easier to deflate the mats without them trying to re-inflate at the same time.

The bigger two SIMs were more difficult to deflate and roll up due to the amount of foam they contain.

Out of the Vango Shangri La 15 Grande and the Outwell Dreamboat 16, the Outwell mat was easier to deflate.

Winner: Outwell Dreamboat 7.5 cm.

Which camping mat is the easiest to transport?

The larger the mat the larger the pack size, right? Well, not necessarily so. The Outwell Dreamboat 16 cm is the largest mat in this review, but it isn’t the largest pack size.

The biggest packed mat is the Vango Shangri La 15 Grande, despite it having two compression straps to make it as small as possible.

In fact, it’s so big, we’ve not had room to take it on many camping trips.

So out of the two big SIMs the Outwell Dreamboat 16 is the better of the two. But if you need a small pack size, go with the Outwell Dreamboat 7.5 cm.

Winner: Outwell Dreamboat 7.5 cm


There’s no clear winner. It really comes down to what you want and can accommodate.

If transport and space in the tent isn’t an issue, the Outwell Dreamboat 16 or Vango Shangri La 15 Grande will be great. You can pick-up the Vango Shangri La 15 Grande at a great price if you shop around.

If you need something that’s easier to transport, the Outwell Dreamboat 7.5 is plenty comfortable enough in a much smaller package.

Vango Shangri La 15 Grande

Very Comfortable
Most Comfortable
The Biggest
Self-Inflates the Best
Easiest to Deflate
Easiest to Transport

Outwell Dreamboat 16

Very Comfortable
Most Comfortable
The Biggest
Self-Inflates the Best
Easiest to Deflate
Easiest to Transport

Outwell Dreamboat 7.5

Very Comfortable
Most Comfortable
The Biggest
Self-Inflates the Best
Easiest to Deflate
Easiest to Transport

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