The Family Tent Guide

The Family Tent Guide

Welcome to The Family Tent Guide.

If you are looking for a new family tent, either your first or to replace your current tent, then you’ve arrived the right place.

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Family Tent Reviews

We have more detailed reviews on a number of tents. Browse the list below.

Vango Langley 500 Family Tent

The Vango Langley 500 provides a good tent layout for families and could be used on long weekends or camping holidays. Simple tunnel tent design makes pitching easy.

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Vango Inspire – AirBeam Family Tent

The Vango Inspire comes as a 5 person (Inspire 500) or 6 person (600) family sized AirBeam tent. There’s plenty of living space as well as two or three bedrooms.

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Outwell Tomcat MP and LP – Inflatable Family Tents

The Outwell Tomcat family tent, comes in two sizes, and is a fast pitching air framed tent, ideal for weekend camping or longer holidays with the extension.

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Vango Skye Family Tents – Skye V 400, V 500, and V 600

The Vango Skye range of tents comes in 3 sizes: V 400, V 500, and V 600. The V 400 and V 500 have two bedrooms; the V 600 has three bedrooms.

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Vango Eden AirBeam – Family Camping, Safari Style

The Vango Eden comes in a 4 person (V 400), 5 person (V 500), and 6 person (V 600XL) sizes. Polycotton and AirBeam. The V 600 XL is one big family tent.

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Outwell Wolf Lake – Great for Family Camping Holidays

The Outwell Wolf Lake is a great tent for family camping holidays. It comes in a 5 or 7 man versions with lots of great features.

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Robens Mescalero Family Tipi Tent

The Robens Mescalero brings tipi tent adventure to family camping. Lightweight, polycotton, and you can heat with a woodburning stove.

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Outwell Yosemite Falls – The King of Family Tents?

Outwell’s Yosemite Falls is ideal for those family camping holidays. Packed full of features to help make the most of your holiday. Is this the king of family tents?

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Easy Camp Antic Pop-up Tents – Great for Teenagers

The Easy Camp Antic pop-up tent is great if you have teenagers and want to give them a tent of their own, without having to upgrade the main family tent. Good for sleepovers and festivals too.

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Vango Icarus 500 XL Family Tunnel Tent – Good Size Living Area

The Vango Icarus 500 XL has a slightly larger living area than the normal Icarus 500, which is even better for family camping.

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