The Family Tent Guide

The Family Tent Guide

Welcome to The Family Tent Guide.

If you are looking for a new family tent, either your first or to replace your current tent, then you’ve arrived the right place.

Use the form to find a tent that meets your family’s needs.

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Family Tent Reviews

We have more detailed reviews on a number of tents. Browse the list below.

The Vango Sierra 300

We get away in the Vango Sierra 300 for a ‘dad and lad’ camp. It proves to be a great little tent.

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Vango Illusion 800 vs. Outwell Corvette XL

Are you stuck deciding between an Outwell Corvette XL and a Vango Illusion 800 tent? One read was. We look at the differences.

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Zempire Aerodome 2 Inflatable Tent

The Zempire Aerodome 2 is an inflatable family dome tent, with a few different design features.

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Robens Kiowa Tent Review

We’ve been testing out the excellent Robens Kiowa family tipi tent. If you like this sort of tent or are interested in using a wood burning stove in your tent, read this.

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Outwell Earth 5 Weekend Tent Review

The Outwell Earth 5 is a great little tent for those impulsive summer weekend getaways.

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Outwell Corvette XL vs. Vango Taiga 600XL Tent Comparison

Two similar tents but at different prices. We compare the Outwell Corvette XL and the Vango Taiga 600XL to see which is best.

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Camping with Air – we look at Outwell’s new Air Collection

There are a lot of air framed tents available and now the choice has increased with Outwell’s new Air Collection. We look to see what you do and don’t get.

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Outwell Hornet XL Review – Simplifying Family Camping

The Outwell Hornet XL has revolutionised how fast we can set up camp. This tent is a fantastic family tent. Great for weekends and camping holidays.

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Vango Langley 500 Family Tent

The Vango Langley 500 provides a good tent layout for families and could be used on long weekends or camping holidays. Simple tunnel tent design makes pitching easy.

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Vango Inspire – AirBeam Family Tent

The Vango Inspire comes as a 5 person (Inspire 500) or 6 person (600) family sized AirBeam tent. There’s plenty of living space as well as two or three bedrooms.

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