7 Cool Lights for Family Camping

February 2, 2019

Interesting Camping Lanterns

With LED technology, camping lights keep on getting better and better.

We look at several interesting designs available for the family camper.

Outwell Sargas: A lamp that’s a home from home

Outwell Sargas Collapsible Lamp

You might be forgiven for thinking that the Sargas Lamp is straight out of some design catalogue for a home rather than a tent.

It looks much more like a pendant lamp you might find in your home

It certainly doesn’t look like the typical camping lantern. It looks much more like a pendant lamp you might find in your home.

But unlike many pendant lamps you have in your home, the Sargas Lamp is extremely lightweight and easy to hang in your tent.

Also, unlike pendant lights that you find in your house, this is easy to take to the campsite, since it folds flat!

Yes, just like many other collapsible items you can find in the Outwell Collaps range, you can now get collapsible lamps!

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If you want that home-from-home look, then a pendant lamp in your tent is definately an option over a traditional camping lantern. However, taking ...
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Pack Size

3.5 x 20 cm





Weight 0.517 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12.5 cm

Outwell Corvus: A flexible approach to lighting

Outwell Corvus Flexible Tent Light

From the light that makes your tent a home from home to a light that lets you decide where you want to illuminate. The Outwell Corvus light is a flexible strip light.

You can place it around the side of your tent, around the door, in front of the bedrooms, or inside the bedrooms.

The back of the Corvus light has velcro tabs, so you can easily attach it to all sorts of items in your tent, including things like tabs for your tent’s blinds and where your bedrooms fix into your tent, as the Corvus is not only flexible, it is lightweight too.

However, this is no boring strip light. Simply keep your finger on the switch and the light will dim.

Flexible mood lighting

Flexible mood lighting 😉

Seriously, though, when it is on its dimmest setting it works really well as a night light for the kids. On full brightness, it puts out 1150 lumens, which is a lot of light for inside your tent.

It comes with its own little bag too so that you don’t loose all the bits when taking to the campsite.

You can get the either the Corvus 1200, which is 1.2 metres long, or the shorter Outwell Corvus 600.

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The Outwell Corvus is a flexible dimmable light for your tent. Perfect if you don't have a lantern hanging point or you want to add light to an area ...
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14 Watt





Pack Size

16 x 6 x 12 cm

Weight 0.422 kg
Dimensions 125 × 6 cm

Vango Rocket: A lamp that’s also a speaker

Vango Rocket Lantern and Speaker

With the Vango Rocket 120 Lantern you get a lot in a small package:

Stream music to the lantern and charge your phone

  • A small lantern that can put out 120 lumens of light
  • It’s rechargeable. You can charge it using USB.
  • It comes with a USB charger you can use in your car.
  • You can use the USB port to charge your phone.
  • It has a speaker that you can stream your music to via Bluetooth.

See our quick video below (I get mixed up between USB and Bluetooth!)

We’ve been impressed with this little lantern and the speaker has proved a big hit with the kids.

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Vango Rocket 120 Lantern Review

£29.99 -18%
This little lantern from Vango is packed full of features: it's rechargeble, it can charge your phone, it's a bluetooth speaker, and of course, it's ...
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Bluetooth Speaker




Here are a few other lamps, lights, and lanterns that look interesting for camping.

We’ve not tried these, but they’ve either been suggested or have good reviews.

The Luminoodle

Luminoodle flexible camp light

The Luminoodle is a flexible lighting solution similar to the Outwell Corvus mentioned above, though looking at the spec’s, it might not be as bright as the Corvus.

it is waterproof so that you can hang it outside your tent

However, the difference is that you can use this with a rechargeable battery, and it is waterproof so that you can hang it outside your tent.

It also comes with a bag so that you can carry it while it is coiled up and use it as a lantern.

Collapsible LED Hurricane Lamp

Retro LED Lantern

This lantern has got lots of great reviews on Amazon.

It’s another LED powered lantern. This one uses 3 AA batteries.

As you can see, this lantern collapses and pops up into a hurricane-style camping lantern.

Outwell Morion – Pocket Pop-up Lantern

Outwell Morion Popup Lantern

The Outwell Morion lantern is one we’ve been using for a while.

It’s another LED popup up lantern that folds up small enough to easily slip into your bag or even your pocket.

a nightlight feature, which we’ve found great for the kids

It also has a nightlight feature, which we’ve found great for the kids.

The batteries in this lantern last for ages.

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The Outwell Morion is a great little lantern, and particularly useful for those of us with kids.
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4 x AA (not included)

Battery Duration

10 hours

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 12 cm

Luci Inflatable Lantern

Luci Inflatable Camping Lantern

The Luci is an interesting lantern: it’s inflatable!

Ideal for using inside or outside your tent

It’s also solar powered and waterproof. Ideal for using inside or outside your tent.


Thanks, Credits, & Disclaimers: We would like to thank both Outwell and Vango for supplying us with the lights we wanted to review. All photos and opinions for the Outwell Sargas, Outwell Corvus, and Vango Rocket are our own.

The Luminoodle photo c/o Power Practical. Luci Inflatable Lantern photos c/o Mpowerd.



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