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Robens Pioneer 3EX vs. Vango Mirage/Helvellyn 300

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published May 2020; updated Jun 2023.

We get two backpacking tents out: Robens Pioneer 3EX & Vango Mirage/Helvellyn 300 and compare them.

With the COVID-19 Lock-down still on, we set-up another #homecampsite for the late May holiday weekend.

This time, we decided to pitch two backpacking tents we have: the new Robens Pioneer 3EX and our older Vango Mirage 300, which is now available (with slightly different specs) as the Vango Helvellyn 300.

Both tents are three-person backpacking tents with a useful porch space. And although both can feet three people in, they are a lot more comfortable with just two people 😉

Plus, both the Robens and Vango tents have lightweight alloy tent poles and pegs.

We get a number of questions that ask how things compare, so with the two different tents out, let's have a look.

Vango vs. Robens Tent Comparison

Although the Vango Mirage 300 and the Vango Helvellyn 300 look the same, the specs are slightly different. The newer Vango Helvellyn has a lower hydrostatic head and is slightly smaller.

Note: At the time of writing, COVID-19 lockdown is still in effect. The price listed for the Robens tent is the RRP. As soon as camping shops open and supplies of camping gear start moving for warehouses again, I expect the actual price to be lower than the RRP.