Robens Killarny Sleeping Bag: A duvet style sleeping bag with retro looks

Robens Killarny Sleeping Bag: A duvet style sleeping bag with retro looks
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The Robens Killarney Outback is really comfortable sleeping bag.
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Last Updated: August 4, 2017

I’ve been using this sleeping bag and I really like it.

The Killarney Outback as a slightly retro feel to it


With the leather patch on the front and a softer green colour, it has an almost retro feel to it, though it’s anything but old, with its MicroThermo high loft insulation.

The Killarney Outback is reported as a 2-3 season sleeping bag, which is a good temperature range that is ideal for most family campers. I certainly found it warm enough during a recent cold snap.


Comfort wise, this sleeping bag has more of a duvet feel to it, with its soft cotton shell and the fact that it is a rectangular bag, which gives you more room when sleeping. You can also completely unzip it to create a duvet.

Lined with soft touch cotton, this sleeping bag feels more like a duvet


As I said before, I really like this sleeping bag: both on looks and comfort.

I have used plenty of mummy bags, especially for winter camping, but I do find it much more comfortable with a rectangular sleeping bag like the Robens Killarney Outback.

Full specs of the sleeping bag can be found on the Robens website.

The rectangular shape and cotton fabric makes it feel more like sleeping under a duvet than a sleeping bag

Many thanks to Robens for supplying a Robens Killarney Outback for us to test. All opinions are our own. 



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  1. Looks wonderful . I can’t find it on their website . Is it a prototype or something ?!?

    9:29 pm on June 4, 2018

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