Pen Knives and Kids

Hiking, camping, or just being out, a pocket knife is essential. What does the law say? What's best for kids? Here's two recommended penknives for kids.

Bannock and Campfire Bread on a Stick

Creating bread over a campfire is a lot easier than it sounds. Here are two recipes, one for Bread Twists on a Stick (a great one for kids), and a sweet cake ...

Camping With Kids & Why you should be doing it

Kids love camping, so there's no need to be afraid of camping with kids.

Cowboy Stew – An Easy & Filling Recipe when Camping

Cowboy Stew is a really simple recipe to follow, especially if you have a Dutch Oven. Simple, nutritious, and warm.

Are Tent Carpets Worth It?

Tent carpets can appear to be an expensive luxury add-on, but are they really worth the money? We think so. Read this to find out why.

Carbon Monoxide Dangers when Camping Awareness Campaign

News update: raising awareness on the dangers of CO and Camping so that there are no more deaths....but then penalised by Google.

3 Mega Tips for Camping this Easter School Holidays

Easter is a good time of year to get away. Here's some tips on camping during the school holidays.

Fun Lighting – Enjoying Camping After Dark

Camping and staying up late is all part of the fun for kids. Add some extra fun lighting for making your camping trips even more special.

Keeping your tent warm: Autumn, Winter, and Spring

You want your tent warm, but safe. Here's some useful advice on choosing a tent heater.

Whittling and how to use knives correctly to avoid nasty accidents

Whittling is a bit of a traditional camping activity. You can also use it to help teach your kids the safe way to use knives.

Winter Camping

Winter camping can be fun, and you may already have most of the gear.

Get Out With The Kids
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