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Good News: Update on Outwell's Quick and Quiet Doors in 2024

Posted by Gav.
First Published Apr 2024; updated Apr 2024.

Outwell have updated their design of the Quick and Quiet doors for tent bedrooms.

I love ❤️ the Outwell Quick and Quiet doors.

They do exactly what they say: they make getting in and out through a tent door quick... and quiet!

However, if you bought an Outwell tent with these doors, you'll have found the Quick and Quiet doors on only one bedroom.

Why does only one bedroom have a Quick and Quiet door?

Having these doors in all the tent bedrooms would be great.

However, they are only on one bedroom for a very valid reason: weight.

All those magnets in the door's stitching can make the inner tent heavy. The inner tent is clipped onto straps in the roof of the tent, which are stitched into place.

Adding the doors to more bedrooms would put a lot more weight on the tent's roof, stressing that part of the tent.

A tweak to the design

Outwell have been working on a solution to this.

They've tried many different combinations of magnets and magnet placement. After much testing, they've redesigned the Quick and Quiet bedroom doors to use lighter magnets.

This new design will appear on the new Outwell tents with Quick and Quiet doors, such as the new Outwell Sunhill 5 Air, where the Quick and Quiet door works for both bedrooms 👍