Outwell Kitchen Storer – Keep All Your Bits Together

The Outwell Kitchen Storer keeps all your bits organised on camp and makes transporting them there and back easy. We’ve found that the Storer has been a big help in getting organised and saving time. 

We used to keep all our camp kitchen equipment, pots, plates, etc., in one larger plastic box that has a folding lid.
Kitchen storage boxEverything is together.  The box just lifts in and out of the trailer to transport to the campsite.  It sits in the tent and is easy to get stuff out to a camp kitchen setup under our tarp shelter. Simple. Why would you want anything more?

Well, a big box of bits can get disorganised.

A family getting stuff out and putting it back in doesn’t always make everything fit neatly for even the lid to close.  Time to get better organised – and that’s exactly what the Outwell Kitchen Storer is all about.

Peg box and laundry bag, which we also have in the Outwell Kitchen Storer

This handy bag is full of pockets to organise those little items that can get lost at the bottom of a box.  It also has dividers making it easier to organise your plates.

The Outwell Kitchen Storer is easy to transport
Inside one of the compartments is a removable waterproof compartment, which is ideal for keeping washing up items in and taking things to the campsite’s washing up facilities…if there is some.

All the kitchen gear goes to the campsite in the Outwell Kitchen Storer

A great addition to the Outwell Kitchen Storer is the Collaps Washing Up Bowl.

We keep ours folded up on the lid when transporting.

The Outwell Collaps Washing Bowl is a great addition

The Outwell Kitchen Storer comes with re-enforced sides to help protect the contents, and with a couple of big handles to make transporting easier – you could even take it with you to the campsite’s washing up facilities so that all your equipment goes away safely and not dropped onto a muddy campsite field on the way back to your tent.

We pop ours in the back of the trailer and keep it ready to go camping. If we need to restock or give items a thorough clean when at home, it’s easy to carry into our main kitchen.

At the end of the day, the Outwell Kitchen Storer is just a bag, and a simple box is of course cheaper. However, we’ve found it’s another really useful item from Outwell and means we can spend more time on camping and enjoying things, than rummaging around in boxes.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Outwell for providing a Kitchen Storer so that we could put it to real world family test and write up this review. All opinions are our own.


Unfortunately, the Outwell Kitchen Storer has been discontinued. This is a real shame, as many campers have found this a great piece of kit.

There is something available from another brand that looks similar, but I can’t vouch for the quality as we’ve not reviewed it.

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  1. The outwell kitchen storer bag is a great idea but I can’t find it anywhere. Rumour is its discontinued. Do you know where to get one or have some alternatives?

    • I can’t find it anywhere either, which is a shame as it is a great bit of kit.
      I’ve just checked on the Outwell website and it’s no longer listed as one of their products, so it does look like it has been discontinued. 🙁

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