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Outwell Katla Tent Heater Update

So a year on after we first unboxed the Outwell Katla tent heater, we’ve now had a chance to put it in action on a cold night. Did it live up to expectations?

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The Outwell Katla fan heater has two power settings and safety features for using it in your tent.
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Cable Length 3 m
Overheat Protection Yes
Tilt Cut-Off Yes
Rechargeable No
Power 1kW or 1.5kW
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 14 × 18 × 27 cm

Noisey or Quiet?

The heater was thankfully very quiet.

With our old heater, it would make a bit of noise turning on and off. Enough to wake you or give you a disturbed night’s sleep. The Katla heater didn’t.

Warm enough or too cold?

The heater put out a lot of heat. Too much at times!

The thermostat would quickly turn it on if the temperature dropped, but I noticed the thermostat would be slow to turn it off once the heat had built back up. This is the only niggle I found.

A couple of times, I turned the thermostat down as we were getting too hot 🙂

Other good or bad bits?

Fan heaters do tend to dry the air out. Part of this can be the dust that they blow up.

This heater has a dust filter and I didn’t notice the same problems compared to our old regular fan heater.

It was also comforting to see that the safety tilt-switch was very sensitive.


A great bit of kit that gets the Thumbs Up.

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Outwell Katla Fan and Heater

Outwell Katla Fan and HeaterThumbs Up

The Outwell Katla fan heater has two power settings and safety features for using it in your tent.

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