Nube – Interesting Hammock Tent Concept

December 9, 2013

We’ve jet to try hammock camping, but it’s something we plan to give a go. It’s great when canoeing as hammock tents fold down small and can be pitched where there’s uneven ground, which is typically the case on a river bank.

They are of course really useful if you are backpacking through wooded areas, where the ground can sometimes be a bit boggy and not that even.

The Nube pitched buy water

Perfect for river side camping

The Nube (pronounced new-bay) is a new concept hammock shelter designed by Seirra Madre Research, who currently have a kick starter campaign to raise funds for its development.

Their unique design incorporates a bug shelter, gear storage, as well as a design to seal out rain and reduce wind issues.

I really like the idea that you can reach into your gear storage from inside the protection of the hammock’s shelter.  The gear is of course away from the ground, so it stays dry and away from bugs and critters too.

They do have a photo of a kid in the gear storage, which makes me think they need to do a bunk bed version for family hammock camping!

The Nube with children in the hammock and gear storage

Nube with kids in the storage!

Sierra Madre Research was created by Richard Rhett, and uses a percentage of its profits to create clean water wells in remote regions in Honduras, Central America.

It is great to see some good new outdoor gear that’s also putting something back into the world.

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