Like coffee when camping? Then you’ll like this: Noble Arbre

There’s no need for camping to be hard. A few little comforts can make the difference.

One thing that I do particularly like is a good coffee, especially first thing in the morning.

Well, a company called Noble Arbre has come up with an ingenious little design for quality disposable filtered coffee.

Now disposable coffee filters are not a new thing. However, they tend to be plastic and bulky, and not something that can easily slip into a backpack without taking up much space or weight.

The Noble Arbre solution comes in a sealed sachet, which contains the filter and the coffee.

Drip Coffee Sachet

Once you open the sachet, you find the filter inside. It has some tabs that you pull down to fit over the side of your mug, with the coffee in the filter ready for the hot water, which you simply pour into the filter.

Noble Arbre Camping

Setting up the coffee filter was very simple. However, pouring the water can take a while for it to percolate through but, as the saying goes, the best things come to those who wait.

Here’s a little video we made showing you how it works.

The coffee was excellent.

Noble Arbre simple solution that enables you to have a little bit of luxury without needing a lot of kit or space in your backpack.

I’ve been using it at a lot of campsites. I also took it on a wild camp and to a couple of picnics we had.

Using Noble Arbre at the campsite

Thanks, Credits, and Disclaimers: Many thanks to Noble Arbre in sending through a sample of their excellent coffee system. I really enjoyed testing it out 😉

All photos; all opinions are our own.

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