New Year, New Camping Gear

December 27, 2017

that’s no Death Star… but another new tent light design for 2018

While we’re all regretting eating too much over Christmas (or is that just me?), it’s time to start looking ahead to 2018, and I’ve got a bit of a peak of some new camping gear that’s coming up this year.

OK, OK. Perhaps I got a little too influenced by the new Star Wars movie that was on over Christmas with the image above. 😉

However, that’s no Death Star in the picture, but another new tent light design for 2018.

New Lighting & Accessories

Yes, it’s the new Outwell Mira lantern, which looks great over a dining table in your tent. Fortunately, it also folds flat for transporting.

The Outwell Mira Lanterns fold flat.

Talking of things that collapse, here’s a new Outwell Collaps Water Carrier.

It looks like an upturned bucket, but it’s actually a water carrier

And even more things you store away… how about an inflatable coolbox? When finished with it, simply deflate and store.

New inflatable coolboxes

This is the Outwell Pelican coolbag. When you’ve finished with it, simply deflate and store away, making packing up from the campsite that little but easier without having to find space for a bulky coolbox.

Camping Furniture

There are plenty of new designs for camping furniture in 2018.

Sticking with the inflatable theme, here’s a whole inflatable 3-piece suite!

Self-Inflating Camping Furniture

New for 2018 is this set of self-inflating camping furniture.

New Tents

Watch the video below for a quick look at some new tents.

The Outwell Vigor

The Outwell Vigor is an interesting new tent for 2018.

This tent is ideal for those quick weekend camps where you don’t want to take much stuff.

The sleeping area of the tent is small, just as you would expect in a small tent. However, there’s good space at the front, which certainly makes it easier to get changed and store bags than in a very small tent.

I also really like the design of the front door that converts into a canopy, complete with optional side shields to give you that extra bit of protection.

If you only have a large family tent, then the Outwell Vigor at around £200 might be just the addition to your camping gear for those quick weekend camps.

Click here to read our review of the Outwell Vigor.

Easy Camp Daylily

The Easy Camp tent range has had a complete makeover for 2018, with new colours across the range.

If you are after an easy-to-pitch festival or an occasional summer tent, then the new Carnival range of tents, such as this one called the Daylily, might be an option at less than £50.

Or perhaps this Easy Camp Nightshade tipi as a summer den for the kids to camp out in.

If you are after a more affordable but large family tent, check out our review of the new Easy Camp Palmdale 600 Lux family tent.

Robens Field Station

While the Easy Camp tipi tent above might be great for festivals or the kids to play in, if you want a tipi tent that’s more durable for a variety of camping conditions, yet is still lightweight and affordable, then you might want to look at two new tents from Robens: the Robens Field Station and the Robens Green Cone.

The Robens Field Station (front) and Green Cone (back) tipi tents

So that’s just a quick taster of some new camping items in 2018. That’s just the tip of the iceberg; there’s much more to follow! We’ll be publishing more as we get closer to camping season.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the events showcasing the new Vango and Coleman tents, so don’t have any photos of those tents, but I have some details of them coming through soon.

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  1. Love the cool box… would be good for a less-hassle picnic, too!

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