New and updated family friendly items from Outwell

September 22, 2019

We’ve got some new family-friendly items from Outwell. Some of these are new products this year.

Watch the video for a run down, or see more details below.

Outwell Drayton Kitchen Table

Outwell Drayton Kitchen Table Review

GOWTK Thumbs Up AwardWe’ve been really impressed with the new Outwell Kitchen Table, with its good storage and solid washing up bowl.

Click here to read our full review and video on this excellent item for family camping.

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We've been using the Outwell Drayton Kitchen Table and have been very impressed with it. We love it and highly recommend it. Read this review to find ...
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Maximum Load


Packed Size

100 x 50 x 9 cm




4, plus extra utensil shelves on lid.

Adjustable Legs


Includes Carry Bag


Weight 13.5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 82 cm

Outwell Collaps Kettle

Outwell Collaps Kettle Review

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award

Kettles are an essential bit of kit to take when camping.

They are not only good for hot drinks (of course), but they are a fast and efficient way to boil water. If you are cooking and need boiling water, then boiling water in the kettle rather than boiling cold water in a pan will be quicker and save your gas.

The problem is kettles can be bulky and take up space when transporting your camping gear to the campsite.

With the Outwell Collaps Kettle that’s no longer an issue as it simply folds flat.

We’ve been giving this a good try, both on gas stoves, and even on a wood-burning stove.

Despite the heat, the silicone rubber didn’t melt nor gave the water a ‘funny taste’.

The kettle doesn’t whistle, but it’s easy to tell that the water is boiling.

It get’s the thumbs up from us.

Outwell Collaps Bowl with Bamboo

Outwell Collaps Bowl Review

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award

Just like the Outwell Collaps Kettle, the Outwell Collaps bowls are a great space-saving design.

We’ve been using a large Outwell Collapse Bowl with Colander this past year, and it’s proved a great bit of kit for cooking family meals at the campsite.

This year Outwell have updated their Collaps Range of cookware to include some items with a Bambo Trim, just like some of the Outwell furniture has.

We got our hands on an Outwell Collaps Bowl with Bamboo. It’s both practical and smart-looking – great for glamping up your camp kitchen 😉

No issues with this at all. It washes well and no sign of wear and tear either.

It also gets the thumbs up from as as another great bit of family camping gear.

Outwell Puffin Bag

Outwell Puffin Bag Review

GOWTK Thumbs Up AwardWe have quite a collection of cool bags, but this one currently takes place at the top of our list as our favourite.

The Outwell Puffin Bag has been with us on so many days out and trips this year already. It’s worked really well for us.

As well as being a cool bag, you can remove the interior and use this as a large beach bag.

There’s a little pocket on the front too. We found this is a great place to put a small pack of wet wipes.

The Puffin Bag has another neat design trick. You can either have it as a two-handle bag, or the handle can be adjusted to make one large shoulder strap.

We like that design touch and makes this bag even more flexible in how you use it on family days out.

It gets the thumbs up from us as a mother great bit of family-friendly kit.

Disclaimer: Special thanks to Outwell for providing some samples for us to put the test and review. All opinions are our own.

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