Lightweight Backpacking Stoves – 2011 Comparison

September 7, 2015

Lightweight Stoves

If you are backpacking you need to travel light.  Fortunately there are some lightweight stove options so that you needn’t be stuck with cold dry food.

The Contenders

MSR, Primus, and JetBoil are a well known brand of quality lightweight stoves.  There are a variety of different systems and fuel types, as well as weight.

If choosing one that uses gas cartridges, make sure they are resealable for when packing away.

We have compared some of the best models from each manufacturer for typical backpacking or wild camping.

We have separated the simple stove design from the all-in-one systems.

Gas and Multi-Fuel Lightweight Stoves

Lightweight Stove Comparison
Product Weight (KG) Fuel Types Notes
MSR Pocket Rocket, £30.00 0.086 Resealable gas cartridges. The pan supports and gas adjuster fold up making this stove easy to pack away.
PRIMUS Lightweight Express Gas Stove, £24.99  0.082 Gas Canister Lightweight single fuel stove
MSR Wisperlite Stove, £86.99 (3% off RRP) 0.46 Diesel, Kerosene, White Gas Should fit inside most cooking pots
Primus Omnifuel (inc fuel bottle), £125 0.44 LP Gas, Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene This package includes windshield/heat reflector, stuff sack, fuel bottle, and cleaning/multi-tool

All-In-One Rapid Boil Systems

The all-in-one systems are usually very fuel efficient and very powerful.  They can often boil water in a short space of time, even when windy due to their built-in wind shields.

Although the range of cooking options are limited (i.e. you are not going to cook with lots of pots and pans), the simplicity and efficiency make them a perfect option for the “just add boiling water” drinks and food.

All-In-One Systems
Product Weight (KG) 1L Boil Time Notes
JetBoil Flash Personal Cooking System, from £60 0.649 2 mins All packs inside the 1L cooking cup
Primus EtaExpress Stove, £70 0.418 2.5 mins Lid of pot can be used as frying pan
MSR Reactor, £114.99 0.454  < 3 mins Stove and fuel are stored inside 1.7L pot

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