Kids Head Torches – No need to be scared of the dark

December 9, 2017

It can be hard to find kids head torches, but you’ll find many ‘adult’ products adjustable to fit a lot of kids heads, especially these days where modern head torches use LEDs and don’t need big batteries, so the weight of an ‘adult’ torch is not a problem for kids.

However there are some torches specifically made for kids.

Proper Head Torches for Kids

Black Diamond Wiz Kids Headtorch

Black Diamond have been producing the Wiz Headlamp for quite sometime. Now it’s updated with lightweight LED technology.

It produces 30 Lumens from 2 LEDs and uses 2 AAA batteries, which you need a screwdriver to remove, protecting the batteries from young kids. It also has a safety elastic breakaway strap too.

CREE Head Torch for Kids

Here’s another head torch designed for kids, which includes an extra strap that goes over the top of their head to avoid the torch sleeping down.

It claims to be 250 Lumens, and can be recharged by USB.

Simple Kids Headtorch

Kids Headlight from Energizer

These kids headlights from Energerizer are simple, come with batteries, and you get two in a pack!

Simple on/off function

Head Torches that Fit Kids

There are a number of lightweight headlamps available that have straps that can adjust small enough to fit a child’s head.

Here’s a suggestion.

Headlamp that fits kids

This headlamp from Ideapro (though it’s available under a number of other brand names) has received lots of great reviews. It’s cheap, simple, and does the job.

It uses 3 AAA batteries and comes with 4 light modes, including a red flashing mode, that I’m sure your kids will love! The head strap is supposed to be adjustable to fit children’s heads.

Animal Themed Children’s Head Torches

Summit Kids Animal Head Torch

Animal themed novelty kids head torches

Another notable mention is the range of Kid’s Head Torches from Summit, though there are plenty of others available if you look around.

You can get these in monkey, lion, and frog characters.

We have had a number of these over the years when the kids were very young. They are more of a novalty item rather than a bright head torch, but something the kids can identify with as ‘theirs’.

The on/off switch can be fiddly for kids; best left for the grown-ups to switch on and off.

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