How to avoid the cold with the simple Honcho Poncho solution

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The Honcho Poncho is a versatile bit of kit for insulating you from the cold.
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A little pricey but you get what you pay for.

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Last Updated: February 9, 2017

Therm-a-rest is well known for their excellent lightweight and insulated self-inflating mats, but did you know they did other items, such as the Honcho Poncho?

We didn’t, and so were pleasantly surprised when they sent us one over.

Keeping You Warm

Of course, the clue is in the name: Therm-a-rest. This poncho is well insulated as well as being breathable.

While camping the in the winter, we all wanted to wear the Honcho Poncho to keep the cold wind out and keep warm.

Despite it looking like there are lots of gaps around the sides of the poncho, unlike a normal coat, it did create a little microclimate inside and was surprisingly quite warm despite a cold wind blowing.

Wearing the Honcho Poncho

OK, so a Honcho Poncho may not win you any fashion awards. But it does work really well.

The whole thing can roll up into its own stuff sack, making it easy to store and transport, plus behind the big pocket at the front is somewhere you can place your hands to keep them warm.

Practical Uses

Like all good traditional ponchos, the Honcho Poncho is not just a rain coat.

You simply un-pop the fasteners and it turns into an insulated blanket. Ideal for that extra insulation whenever you need it.

There is a good size on the poncho I found this very useful for storing things you need to hand at a campsite like a torch, gloves etc It was also very handy for carrying toiletry items to the shower block.

Our Verdict

It is a little pricey for most families, but it does the job well.

If you have someone coming camping with you that often feels cold, then this might be a good investment.

It’s a useful bit of kit for throwing in your rucksack for a hike. If you get caught out by bad weather, you never know, but this could just save your life 🙂


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