DIY Camp Kitchen and Chuck Boxes

We do like to cook when camping, usually cooking something in the Dutch Oven.  This means we eat well and have something a bit more adventurous than burnt burgers cooked on a disposable BBQ. However, it does mean you need to take some of the kitchen with you.

Currently I have a large plastic crate that contains plates, utensils, kitchen paper towels, aluminum foil, etc. I also have two smaller plastic boxes. One to hold fire lighting tools and my hot gloves, and another with knives, peeler, and spices.

My small camp kitchen box

These boxes go in the trailer and are a quick and easy way to transport and use at the campsite. But there must be a better way?

A search of the Internet found these great DIY camp kitchens, where you pack all your kitchen equipment into a specially designed crate that unpacks into a working kitchen.

A DIY camp kitchen chuck box from

The above picture shows a great example of a camp kitchen chuck box, with somewhere to store your gear, but also turns into a useful kitchen. You can see construction details over on

There are a lot of inventive solutions out there and some great diy projects. If, however, you would rather buy than make, then have a look at this camp kitchen from Outdoorsman.

An off the shelf camp kitchen chuck box

The only problem I see is with the construction material.  I love wood, but it can be heavy and it’s not very waterproof.

What may work better is a conversion of an aluminium flight case, but given that aluminium construction requires specialist tools (and skill) I guess I’ll stick with wood.

Below is far from the best camp kitchen chuck box design, but its version 1 of what we may need.

Finally, here’s a really quick and easy idea from gizmodo for organizing your camp kitchen. It rolls up easy for transport and can hang under your cooking tarp.

A simple idea for organising your camp kitchen

Outwell Kitchen Storer
Update: We’ve since got ourselves an Outwell Kitchen Storer to help get organised at camp.

More Camp Kitchens

We’ve pulled more camp kitchen ideas together on this Pinterest board.

Have a browse. There’s some good ideas here.

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