The little yellow Delta Ground Anchors have redefined the tent peg. Such a simple design that works really well.

Delta Ground Anchors
The Delta Ground Anchors have been taking the camping world by storm.  (…or rather, protecting the camping world from a storm!).

This simple design secures the peg into the ground, gripping the earth to secure your tent or awning in place.

I have been using these great pegs to secure windbreaks and tarps, when normal wire tent pegs just aren’t up to the job.

Lots of people on The Camping Forum have been raving about them too.

The only down side is that most people need to also get the Delta peg removal tool as the pegs are secure too well!

As well as providing additional security, another great design feature of the Delta Peg is that it is flush with the ground.  This should help prevent any nasty injuries if you have kids running around, especially if they are barefoot.

But aren’t they just plastic?

The Delta tent pegs are actually constructed from a plastic composite made with nylon, and have been tested by the University of Exeter to with stand forces of up to 72kg.  That’s a strong peg! And it won’t corrode.

We haven’t broken one yet (even when using a metal mallet!)

Delta Ground Anchor Instructions

Using the Delta pegs is very straight forward, but if in any doubt, here’s some instructions from Delta Ground Anchors. (Click on the picture to view a larger size)

Delta nylon instructions

You can buy these fantastic pegs from Delta Ground Anchors.


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  1. Hello, my name is Dorothy and my husband Rob, invented the Deltapeg or Delta Ground Anchor. I’ve just found your website and have been reading with interest. Always happy to advise with any queries re our pegs. Lovely comments so thank you very much but just one little point though…Rob designed the instructions ( we always send a copy of Rob’s with purchases) which the guys at Camping World then amended 🙂 We also have testimonials and reviews by the bucket load! Gav, do please drop us a line if you aren’t GOWTK!

    8:33 pm on December 31, 2013

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