Caravan, Camping, and Motorhome Show Highlights

August 19, 2019

Once again, the NEC was packed full of tents, caravans, and motorhomes this February.  Watch our highlight video:

BTW, the kids filmed the video 🙂

Some of the highlights in this video are detailed below.

Tents & Camping Accessories

The Outwell Greycliff 7SATC Tent

This was a large tent on display at the show.

It’s using Outwell Smart Air inflation system, where you only have to inflate the tent from one point. It also has their Technical Cotton, giving it that more traditonal canvas feel.

This is a very large, ideal for creating a home form home for a camping holiday.

Inside the Outwell Greycliff 7SATC

The Outwell Greycliff 7SATC tent can be seen in the video here:

Further details of this tent can be found by clicking here to see it on the Outwell website.

Outwell Lake Superior Inflatable Sofa

Sticking with the inflatable theme are these range of inflatable sofas from Outwell called Lake Superior.

The inflatable Outwell Lake Superior sofa sitting inside the porch area of the Greycliff 7SATC tent.

These sofas come with a built in pump to make it easy to inflate and deflate. Unlike some other inflatable sofas that you can get, these have a fabric cover, giving you a bit more of that home-style comfort while your family is camping.

The Outwell Lake Superior Inflatable Sofa can be seen here in our video:

Details can be found here on the Outwell website.

Outwell ECOlux 35L Coolbox

This is a large and impressive looking coolbox.

The Outwell ECOlux 35L, with the ice pack divider.

It was at the show in white, complete with a bamboo trim on the metal handle, making it look quite sophisticated.

The lid of this powered coolbox is split, making one compartment easy to get things out of without losing the cool air in the main compartment. You can even charge USB devices from the coolbox!

Another neat design feature I like with this is the divider inside the coolbox is an ice pack, which further helps keep things cool.

You can see the Outwell ECOlux 35L coolbox at the show in our video here:

Further details can be found on the Outwell website or you can read our Outwell ECOLux review.

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Outwell ECOLUX Coolbox Review

£189.95 -5%
We take the Outwell ECOLUX 35L coolbox for a test and find it has some great features for family camping.
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The Opus Camper

I must admin that I’ve never really got into trailer tents. Normal tents of all shapes and sizes: yes. Caravans: Yes. Motorhomes: Yes. But trailer tents: No.

However, the Opus Camper could really change that, and is something that looks right up our street.

Why? Well, two reasons:

  1. The layout is all self contained within the trailer, though you can get an extension if you want more living and sleeping space.
  2. When its all folded up, the trailer is a place to transport canoes and bikes.

It’s bit of an adventure wagon.

The Opus Camper packed up and ready for another adventure.

Inside the Opus Camper you have a kitchen, seating and eating area, and two double beds.

You can see the Opus Camper in our video here

Click here to view details on the Opus website.

Outwell Corvette 7AC

Another big family tent at the show was the Outwell Corvette, complete with an additional side awning on display.

Outwell Corvette 7AC Tent Awning

Taking it easy in the side awning of the Outwell Corvette 7AC

Inside the Corvette 7AC Tent

Room enough for table and chairs inside the Outwell Corvette 7AC

You can see the Outwell Corvette 7AC inflatable tent in our video here:

More details can be found on the Outwell Website.

Outwell Mira

Here’s a rather funky accessory that was on display inside the Outwell Corvette 7AC tent. It’s a new collapsible lantern, called the Outwell Mira.

Outwell Mira Lantern

This light for the tent, the Outwell Mira, collapses and folds flat for transport.

The Outwell Mira collapsible light can be seen in our video here:

You can also see the other colours it comes in on the Outwell website.

Outwell Hornet 6SA

The Outwell Hornet 6SA is a newer version of our old Outwell tent, the Hornet XL, which we absolutely love.

This tent is big enough for family camping holidays, but is not too big for weekend camping.

We really like the porch area, and on the 6SA the covered side door (which we didn’t have on the older model).

Outwell Hornet 6SA tent

Looking at the Outwell Hornet 6SA at the show. Note the kitchen in the porch area. Details on it is next up…

The Outwell Hornet 6SA inflatable tent can be seen here:

For more details on this tent, have a look at the Outwell website.

Outwell Drayton Kitchen Table

In the porch of the Hornet 6SA tent was the excellent Outwell Drayton kitchen table. This is something we’ve reviewed before.

Outwell Drayton camp kitchen table

The Outwell Drayton kitchen table folds down into a single carry case. Including the kitchen sink!is

View the one on display at the show here:

The specs for the Drayton kitchen table can be found on the Outwell website or in our Outwell Drayton Review.

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We've been using the Outwell Drayton Kitchen Table and have been very impressed with it. We love it and highly recommend it. Read this review to find ...
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Maximum Load


Packed Size

100 x 50 x 9 cm




4, plus extra utensil shelves on lid.

Adjustable Legs


Includes Carry Bag


Weight 13.5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 82 cm

Outwell Vermont 7SA

Continuing with the theme of large inflatable family tents was the Outwell Vermont 7SA.

Outwell Vermont 7SA

The super large Outwell Vermont 7SA family tent.

If you are planning a week or two camping with the kids, then this tent is like a little holiday home.

It has a large enclosed porch area, where you can remove the groundsheet if you want. Then there’s a second living area, that comes with a built-in wardrobe. And finally, there are the extra large bedrooms.

The Outwell Vermont Wardrobe

The built-in wardrobe space in the Outwell Vermont 7SA comes with a hanging rail, plus there’s enough space for a clothes cupboard and bags on the floor.

For a quick tour of the Outwell Vermont 7SA inflatable tent, watch our video here:

More details and videos of this tent can be found on the Outwell website.

Outwell Clarkston 6A with Dual Protector

At the show was the Outwell Clarkston 6A tent. This was on display with the dual protector.

This not only helps protects the roof of your tent from bird muck and muck when pitching under or near trees, but the protector comes with a reflective barrier to both help keep more heat in the tent when it’s cold, or keep the heat out when it’s hot.

Outwell Clarkston 6A

The Outwell Clarkston 6A with dual roof protector

Plus, a feature I really like, the protector has an additional flap that can be extended out over the side door to create a useful additional sheltered area for your family.

The Outwell Clarkston 6A inflatable tent can be seen in our video here:

For more details, visit the Outwell website.

The Vango Serenity Inflatable Tent

The Vango Serenity also has a layout we like, with a front porch area that’s ideal for sitting out or just providing a bit of shelter to your seats at night.

Vango Serenity inflatable tent

The Vango Serenity tent also sports a front porch area to sit.

Inside the tent you have a little bit of flexibilty for the sleeping arrangements, with an additional bedroom that you can add.

Inside the Vango Serenity tent

The extra bedroom in the Vango Serenity can be removed if not required.

To see the Vango Serenity inflatable tent, watch this part of our video:

For more details, visit the Vango website.

Vango Shangri-La Grande SIM

This year Vango have brought out a new range of thick sleeping bag with their own take on the easy inflate/deflate valve. The mats are called Shangri-La.

The extra thick Vango Shangri-La self-inflating mats.

See theVango Shangri-La Self-Inflating Mat in our video here:

For more details, see the Vango website or read our Vango Shangri-La Grande review.

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The Vango Shangri-La 15 Grande is a very comfortable sleeping mat to take camping. It will feel much more like a bed at home.
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Weight (kg)


Pack Size (cm)

80 x 36

Inflation Details
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Mat Depth (cm)


Weight 5.24 kg
Dimensions 200 × 76 × 15 cm

Glamping with the Vango Rosewood

An interesting looking tent we saw at the show this year was the Vango Rosewood. This unique shaped tent is ideal if you want to go full-on glamping.

The Vango Rosewood could be your very own glamping tent

Here’s the Vango Rosewood tent in our video:

The details of the tent can be found on the Vango website.


The Compass Casita 586

It was nice to see the caravan we’ve just bought (yes, we bought Casper!).

The Compass Casita 586 Caravan

Our caravan, the Compass Casita 586

See the Compass Casita 586 at the show here:

Compass Casita 866

Next to our model of caravan was it’s big brother: the Compass Casita 866.

This is a wider van and a twin axle – and still a family style van, with two built in bunks for the kids at the back of the caravan, and even their own seating area.

Compass Casita seating area

The wider Casita 866 has a larger seating area. It also sports a fridge freezer.

Kid's bunk beds in the Compass Casita caravan

Here’s one of the bunkbeds for the kids in the Compass Casita 866.

See the Compass Casita 866 in the video here:

For details of the Compass Casita range, visit the Elddis website.

The Outwell Tide 440SA Caravan Awning

We’ve been using an inflatable awning for our caravan, but it was nice to see a slightly different design at the show this year. This from Outwell, but it doesn’t look like an inflatable tent on the side of the caravan. Instead, it looks like a modern take on the traditional caravan awning. However, this one you can simply inflate to put it up.

The Outwell Tide awning has a sheltered porch area as well as an enclosed part.

The new Outwell Tide 440SA Caravan Awning can be seen in our video here

More details can be found on the Outwell website.


Elddis Autoquest 196

One of the problems we’ve had when looking at a motorhome for family use is finding one that can take everyone. It’s not necessarily the number of berths that’s the issue, but the number of seat belts.

I’ve seen far too many motorhomes described as for the family, with 6 berths, but could only drive with less than that.

I was really pleased to see in the Autoquest that it had the right number of seat belts for the right number of berths.

In this case, the 196 looks like it would be ideal for a family, where all can sit around the table while travelling on their adventures.

Inside the Elddis Autoquest 196

Each of these four seats have seat belts.

See the Elddis Autoquest 196 motorhome in our video here:

More details can be found on the Elddis website.

Hymer B Class Supreme

OK, maybe not your typical family motorhome, but we thought we’d see what some of the top end motorhomes look like!

The Hymer B Class Supreme is not what you would class as a family motorhome, but great to see what you get in a top end motorhome.

Other stuff

Of the course the show had lots more stuff, but there’s only so much I can cover in one post.

Our photographer and film crew took literally hundreds of pictures 😉

Our photographer!



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