What to Take for a Family Camping Break?

June 7, 2020

I remember our first family camping breaks, racking our brains to make sure we’ve got everything, and a car full of camping gear heading down to the West Country.
There will always be something you forget and plenty of stuff you take that you’ll never use! 😉

That’s one of the difference between weekend camping and longer camping breaks: you need more stuff for a longer camping break. But there’s a balance between too much stuff and and too little.

There are always the basics to take, such as the tent, sleeping bags, etc. However, what you need depends on the number of people and ages in your family, where you are staying, the activities you are doing, and if you prefer to eat out a lot or mostly cook at the campsite.

After you’ve read and watched this article, you will have a better idea of how to plan your family camping break. And to help, we have the Family Camping Planner.


Make your own Camping Check List

Keeping a list of what to take helps us a lot. You can use our Family Camping Planner as a great start for your own list.

Print out the Family Camping Planner and make a note of what items you need to take after watching these videos.

The Family Camping Planner


Setting up your tent for a Family Camping Holiday

Your tent, sleeping mats, and sleeping bags are essential, but what about furniture?

If you are just used to camping at the weekend for a night or two, camping furniture, such as storage cupboards, can be a bit of an overkill. However, we’ve found that on a longer camping break, having storage makes a huge difference. Without, your tent can soon get into chaos with little room to move due to all your bags.

In this video, we look at setting up your tent and kitting it out for a family camping break.


Setting up your Camp Kitchen

The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much cooking you intend to do at the campsite. Some families cook all their meals, while others only have snacks at the tent and eat out the rest of the time.

If you plan to eat out most of the time, you won’t need to take as much items for your kitchen. However, if you plan to cook, more work surfaces and at least two hobs will make life a lot easier.

Generally, your camp kitchen should be outside your tent. The only exception might be if you have a flame-less hob, like this one.

Tap here for more details on how to set-up your camp kitchen outside under a camping tarp.

Creating a Camp Kitchen Shelter

Learn how to set-up a sheltered camp kitchen away from your tent.


Fitting it all the car

All this camping gear is great, but if you can’t get it all to the campsite, then it’s useless.

In the video below, I show how all the items could fit in my car boot, but there’s no room for clothes and food.

This is why we use a roof box and a trailer for longer camping tips. You can see our camping trailer by tapping here.


The Kit List

Here are some of the camping items in the videos. If you see anything you like, remember you can add it to your Adventure Planner by viewing the review and tapping the heart icon. This helps you build up a list of things you might like to get for your own family camping breaks.

GOWTK T-Shirts!

T-Shirts and clothes for Mum, Dad, and the Kids.

Kit List

The Tent

The tent we used in this video was the Easy Camp Match Air 500. We have many tent reviews to help you work out what sort of tent will suit your family.

More Tents

See some of our other tent reviews.

Kit List


More Beds & Sleeping Mats

View more beds and sleeping mats

More Sleeping Bags

View more sleeping bags

Kit List


More Furniture

View more camping furniture options

Kit List

Camp Kitchen Items

Kitchen Storer

This is a really helpful storage solution for kitchen items.


View more items to help cook at the campsite.

Kit List



View more lanterns and lighting solutions for camping.

Kit List



View more heaters to keep your family warm.

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