Can you take a baby camping?

May 6, 2020

Taking your baby camping is possible. We’ve done it! 🙂

Here are a few tips from our experience.

When and where to go camping

We didn’t go camping in winter, but we didn’t wait until there was perfect weather either.

We also only spent a single night away when they were very young. That was mainly due to the ‘back to basics’ campsites we were staying at, and so facilities for bathing your baby is limited, but not impossible if you bring a bath with you and don’t mind heating the water on your gas stove.

However, if you stay at a campsite with a Family Bathroom, such as many of the sites from the Camping and Caravanning Club, you’ll find things a lot easier, as they have baby changing and bathing facilities. Plus, you can find some campsites with a kitchen facility, making it easier to warm bottles and food if they are weening.

We didn’t camp close to home either. However, if you aren’t experienced campers, you might want to find a campsite close to home, just in case.

Find Campsites
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Keeping your baby warm at night

As night comes, temperatures drop, but keeping your baby warm at night in the tent is the same as for others. Tap here for our tips on keeping warm at night in your tent.

Make sure you put plenty of insulation underneath your baby. Don’t make the mistake of putting all on top.

We kept things super simple, and they slept with Shell. Yes, there’s a lot of confusing should you or shouldn’t you sleep with your baby, but we found it was easier if Shell had the double sleeping mat.

This also meant that if (when!) the baby woke at night, they could be quietened quickly. Which brings us on to…

Don’t keep other campers awake!

A lot of campers are parents and can remember the sleepless nights. However, no one likes being woken at night, and the sounds of a baby crying in a tent will travel around most campsites.

We didn’t go camping until we had formed some sort of sleeping routine. This was a lot easier with a third child – perhaps all the practice with the first two helped! 😉

On the plus side, we always found they slept a lot better when camping. Perhaps it’s in the genes 🙂  I think all the fresh air and different stimulation helps a lot. We found this true as the kids got older too.  Camping generally makes your kids sleep better.

Taking all that stuff!

If this is your first time camping as parents, you’ll be shocked about how much extra stuff you need to take compared to when it was just the two of you.

Make sure you get the Get Out With The Kids Family Camping Planner for a useful list of things to take. You can add onto that list all the things you need for your baby.

Ours was breastfed, which made it easier with bottles, but we did also take a portable sterilising kit and some disposable cartons of made-up formula.

Don’t forget a bag for dirty washing and plenty of changes of clothes… not just for your baby 😉

Tip: Family Camping Planning

Practice makes perfect

If you still aren’t too sure about taking your baby camping, set your tent up in your garden and try it there first.

Resist the temptation to pop into the house to get something, unless it’s an emergency. This will help you see what works, what doesn’t, and what you must bring when you do go to the campsite.

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  1. We went on our first ever family camping trip when our daughter was only 10 weeks old (she’s 5 now). We actually found it quite easy at that age (Babies need much less than you think). She slept in her Moses basket with a roll mat underneath and extra blankets; It was actually harder when she got to the toddler stage as we had to ensure she wouldn’t wake up in the night and make an escape attempt.

  2. My youngest daughter now 32 and mother of four first went camping aged 12 days our only concession was disposable nappies. our oldest also went camping but as they were winter babies were a little older on their first trips in the tent many baths were had in the large Belfast sinks at Wells next the Sea.

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