Camping Recipes
Campfire Popcorn – Great fun. Give it a try.

Campfire popcorn is great fun to cook with the kids when you're camping. You can hear the popcorn exploding into life. Cook over campfire or BBQ.

Cheats Campfire Chilli

Here's a cheats guide to campfire chilli. A quick, minimal prep, over the campfire and in a Dutch Oven. You could even get away with minimal washing up too.

Campfire Baked Apples

Baked apples are simple to cook on the campfire. Get your kids to stuff them first. Also a good recipe for bonfire night.

How to cook baked potatoes on a campfire

There are a few ways to cook baked potatoes over a campfire. There's only one successful method. Read to find out how to cook baked potatoes on a campfire.

Fast, Quick, and Easy Meals for Camping

Sometimes you need to just cook something quick with no fuss. Here's some ideas of easy meals for camping. Minimum cooking. Minimum washing up.

Sausage and Stuffing Ball Jumble – A complete meal for camping

Sausage and Stuffing Ball Jumble is a complete meal in a pot that's ideal for family camping, ensuring everyone gets a proper balanced meal.

Sticky Chocolate Bananas – Ideal for Campfires or BBQs

Sticky chocolate bananas is an easy treat to cook over the campfire or BBQ, and ideal for family camping.

Campfire Breakfast – with the Dutch Oven lid!

Your Dutch Oven lid makes an excellent campfire hotplate for cooking breakfast. Give it a try.

Campfire Curry and Chapattis

Cooking curry and chapattis over the campfire or hot charcoals is an easy meal to make. Your kids will have fun making the chapattis.

How to cook a stir-fry over a campfire using a BBQ Wok

If you like Chinese style food, then you'll like this stir fry you can cook over campfire or BBQ. Cooked with a BBQ Wok.

How to make Chocolate Orange Campfire Cakes

Chocolate orange campfire cakes are a great recipe to try with your kids the next time you go camping. They're really easy to make and taste good too.

Tacos in a Bag

Tacos in a bag is really simple to make. Kids can make up their own bag. They're surprisingly tasty too. An ideal recipe for camping, picnics, or day camps.

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