French Toast (Eggy Bread) Over the Campfire with the Dutch Oven

May 10, 2014

Imagine the scene.

It’s an early summer morning, but it’s cold, it is wet, and everyone’s energy levels are the opposite to the midges franticly feasting on their human breakfast.

That was the situation we were in.  What we needed:

a) Some warm breakfast to get the energy up and get the cold off

b) Some smoke under our cooking tarp to create a midge free zone.

French Toast (also known as ‘Eggy Bread’)

So this is a very simple breakfast to make on camp.

Visually it isn’t going to win any awards, but it hit the spot on that morning.

We used a dutch oven, but it could have easily been cooked with a large cast iron frying pan over the fire.

Step 1 – Get the fire going or BBQ

Step 2 – Get some oil hot in the Dutch Oven and toss in some bread

Bread in Dutch Oven

As you can see, we just tore up some slices of white bread we had with us.

Fry the bread until it starts getting crispy.

Bread frying in Dutch Oven

Meanwhile whisk up some eggs and add seasoning if you wish.

We used half a dozen eggs.

Step 3 – Pour in the Eggs

Eggs and bread in the dutch oven

Pour the eggs over the bread and stir as it cooks.

If the egg is sticking, take the Dutch Oven away from the fire.  You’ll still be able to cook the eggs with a very hot oven.

The Result

OK, well it’s not true French Toast, rather a ‘homage’ to French Toast, and a sort of omelette come scrabbled egg come French toast.  However, it worked well.

Of course, you could soak the bread in egg and then fry it in the oven to do it the ‘proper way’, but when on camp that morning this was by far the quickest and easiest to do, and tasted just the same.

Cleaning Up

If the oven gets very hot you may find some egg sticking.  This can be easily solved by pouring boiling water into the oven and heating over the fire.  If your oven is seasoned well, any egg should then easily slip off, even if you have to give it a little nudge with a wooden spoon.

Dry and seal with a bit of oil as normal.

Hot Water in Dutch Oven for Cleaning

A Bigger Breakfast

That cold and wet morning we were limited by what ingredients we had to hand, but you can be quite creative, and it is easy to use the oven to make an omelette over the fire – and unlike just using a gas hob, the fire can help keep you warm and keep midges at bay.

A bigger breakfast we’ve had success with in the Dutch Oven has included frying sausages, adding frozen hash browns, a dozen eggs, and cheese.  This included coals on top and below the oven.  We’ll show you how that one is done another time…


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