Campfire Pizza Pie

December 23, 2018

If your family likes pizza, your family likes pie, and your family likes campfires, then this could be the perfect meal for you…

I’m not sure where the inspiration for this camping recipe came from.

It’s a pizza, that’s cooked like a pie.

When I say pizza, it is round, but not like you normally think of a pizza. Think pie instead.

Campfire Pizza Pie Ingredients

So for this recipe you’ll need to get some rolls.

You will need to line the base of your Dutch Oven with the rolls, so round ones are better.

Pizza sauce.

Pizza ‘toppings’ and/or mince.


And more rolls (to go on top).

So it sort of has pizza ingredients.

Cooking the Campfire Pizza Pie

Place rolls on the bottom of the panPlace your roles on the bottom of your Dutch Oven.

Add mince

Add mince (optional). If you are adding mince, fry the mince in the oven first, then remove before adding the first layer of rolls.

Pour over the pizza sauce

Pour in the pizza sauce, ‘toppings’, and cheese.

Finish with another layer of rolls

Cover with another layer of rolls.

Cook with a lot of heat on top

Bake in your Dutch Oven with some heat below, and a lot of heat on top.

You can do this with a campfire, by placing hot embers on top of the Dutch Oven lid. However, I find it a lot easier (and cleaner) to use charcoal briquettes.

Interlocking rolls on the top of the pizza pie

When it has finished cooking, the roles should be interlocked and not burnt (ideally).

Is Campfire Pizza Pie Any Good?

Yep, this turned out OK. Perhaps not as good as our pocket pizzas, but still good.

The kids enjoyed making it and eating it.

It’s also a quick and simple family meal to make when you’re camping.

The end result: campfire pizza pie


BTW, it’s what we were cooking and eating at the start of this video.

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    Travelling Bangladesh
    January 29, 2018 at 3:59 pm

    Pizza is my favourite food but I missed them in my camping days. Thanks coz from now I won’t miss it.

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