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How to make Campfire Cheesy Nachos in 4 steps

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published Mar 2015; updated May 2023.

This is another easy family dish to make on the campfire, either has a snack on its own, or as a side dish to the main meal. The kids can help too.

Campfire cooking doesn't have to be complicated; here's something easy to make. So easy, you can get the kids involved.

Making Campfire Cheesy Nachos

Wash and chop the chillies and peppers

Step 1 - Wash and cut your peppers and chilli. Reducing the amount (or all) of chilli if you have little mouths that can't eat spicy food.

Mix with some salsa

 Step 2 - Mix the chopped pepper and chilli in a bowl with some tomato salsa sauce.  (Your kids could stir this)

We cheated here and brought a packet of prepared salsa to the campsite.

You want heat from the top so put hot coals on the lid of your Dutch Oven

 Step 3 - Throw some nachos into a Dutch Oven and mix in with the salsa. (If your Dutch Oven is cool, let your kids do this).

Sprinkle cheese on top. (Again, something the kids can do).

Set up your Dutch Oven so it heats from the top by placing coals on the lid.

Not got a dutch oven? No problem, a cast iron skillet will work, though you will have more heat coming from the bottom than the top.

Not got a cast iron skillet? No problem again! Lay two foil sheets on top of one another and spoon the nacho mixture into the middle. Wrap up the foil to completely seal the mixture.

Place the foil in your campfire's hot embers, not the flame.

It will only take a few minutes to cook, whichever method you use.

Melt the cheese over the nachos in the Dutch Oven

 Step 4 - Remove from heat and enjoy!

A member's nachos

Check out these lovely looking nachos that Caroline cooked up:

Caroline tries campfire nachos too

Obviously, this is not a meal in itself, though you could of course have it as a fireside snack.

And to go with it

Here are some things you could make with your Campfire Cheesy Nachos.

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