Campfire Baked Apples

October 19, 2020

Baked apples are really easy to cook on a campfire. Read on to see how simple they are…

Baked apples are really simple to cook over the campfire. They’re nice and seasonal if you go camping in Autumn.  They’re also good if you are having a Halloween or bonfire party.

Preparing the apples for baking over the fire

Preparing the apples for baking
Preparing the apples for baking

The best apples to use for this are large cooking apples.

Wash and cut out the apple cores.

Make up the baked apple filling before coming to the campsite
Make up the baked apple filling before coming to the campsite

Inside each apple, you want to stuff the hole where the core was with a filling.

We made this up at home first and brought it to the campsite in a food bag.

Stuffing the apples prior to baking over the campfire
Stuffing the apples prior to baking over the campfire

The baked apple filling is simply a mix of brown sugar, sultanas, and cinnamon. Adjust the mix according to what your family likes.

Depending on how sticky you want your kids, stuffing the apples is something they can do.

Simply wrap each apple individually in foil.

How to cook baked apples over the campfire

Campfire Cooking with Kids
So here’s the thing: you don’t cook them over the fire. You don’t cook them in the flames. You don’t put them in the middle of the fire.

You actually cook them on the hot embers.

Place each apple in the embers. Put hot embers over the top of them.

I find using a hot glove ideal for this (see these gloves on Amazon, which are similar to the ones I bought).

Apples do not take long to bake. I think we were around 5 to 10 minutes.

If they get too hot or cook for too long, they can explode inside the foil (as we found out!).

To see if they are cooked simply prod the side of the foil. If the apple feels slightly soft it is done.

The result

An exploded baked apple
An exploded baked apple

The apples should be nice and soft – a bit like apples in apple crumble or apple pie.

Campfire Baked Apples

This picture is of our exploded apple (still plenty edible!). The picture of the baked apple at the top of the page was still ‘apple-shaped’.

If your kids aren’t that keen on apples, they may like them better if they mix up the filling with the rest of the apple to sweeten all of it.

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