Camping Tips
How to use a Charcoal Chimney Starter

You don't need fire lighters or lighter fluid. A chimney gets your coals very hot without any chemical smells or taste to your food.

Back To Basics Camping – It’s better than you might think

Back to basics camping is simple if you are prepared. Read this for what to expect, the benefits, and what you need to take.

How to cook a stir-fry over a campfire using a BBQ Wok

If you like Chinese style food, then you'll like this stir fry you can cook over campfire or BBQ. Cooked with a BBQ Wok.

How to make Chocolate Orange Campfire Cakes

Chocolate orange campfire cakes are a great recipe to try with your kids the next time you go camping. They're really easy to make and taste good too.

Old School: How to cook with a Trangia

A Trangia is lightweight and simple. We recently re-discovered our Trangia. Great for day camps, picnics, canoe trips, bike trips, ...

Tacos in a Bag

Tacos in a bag is really simple to make. Kids can make up their own bag. They're surprisingly tasty too. An ideal recipe for camping, picnics, or day camps.

Using an Electric Hook Up (EHU) when Camping

This guide takes you through using electric hook ups, and what appliances you could use when camping, as well as a hand table to work out how much power you ...

French Toast (Eggy Bread) Over the Campfire with the Dutch Oven

Here's a simple breakfast for the campsite. Not only fills you up, but the fire warms you and keeps any midges at bay. It's not going to win any awards for ...

How To Roll Up A Tent … And Get it Back In The Bag

Once you've unpacked a tent, it's very difficult to get it all back in its bag. This simple tip shows you how to roll up a tent so it does go back into its ...

How to fix your tent and find replacement parts

There are many ways to damage your tent. We list common accidents and how to repair them, replace them, or find spares. Includes emergency repair tips.

Pocket Pizza – Campfire Pizzas

Here's a simple pizza recipe that's great for kids to help make and cook over the campfire. The pocket pizzas are really easy to make and fun too.

How to put up a Tunnel Tent

Tunnel Tents are common tent design and easy to put up. This 'how to put up a tunnel tent' beginner's guide provides you with 8 simple steps and some useful ...

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