Camping Tips
How to cook Campfire Potato Wedges

Potato Wedges are really easy to cook on your campfire or over a BBQ. Get it right, and they turn out excellent.

How to easily cook pizzas on a Cadac stove

We recently saw a really simple way to make stone baked pizzas that could work at the campsite...and it was done with a Cadac stove. We have a quick look at ...

How to use a Wood Burning Stove in your Tent

A wood burning stove can make your tent very warm and cosy. We answer those questions on how to use a wood burning stove in your tent.

Here’s a Quick Way to Fix a Leaking Tent

No one likes a tent full of water. Here's some really simple ways to quickly stop the problem, and it won't cost a lot either.

The Secret to Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings

Confused by Sleeping Bag Temperature ratings? Not sure what the Sleeping Bag seasons are? Read our guide to avoid getting the wrong bag and getting cold at ...

How to make Campfire Cheesy Nachos in 4 steps

This is another easy family dish to make on the campfire, either has a snack on its own, or as a side dish to the main meal. The kids can help too.

How to pitch a D of E Tent in Four Steps

Doing the D of E but not pitched a tent before? We show you how to pitch a D of E Tent in four simple steps.

How to use a Kelly Kettle

The Kelly Kettle is a great way to boil water, whether for camping, hiking, or picnics. We show you how to use one and which we recommend for families.

Eggy Stars

Here's a simple and fun breakfast to make your kids when camping: Eggy Stars. A nice twist on 'eggy bread'.

How waterproof is your tent? 8 things to check when buying a tent

Some tents are more waterproof than others. But how do you tell? We describe 8 things to check when buying a tent so you stay nice and dry while camping.

Creating a Camp Kitchen

If you're not sure how to create a great camp kitchen we provide some tips and take you through our camp kitchen setup.

Spag Hoops and Seaweed

Fancy foraging for your own food and cooking it over the campfire? We did with this 'Spag Hoops and Seaweed' dish, made with fresh crispy seaweed.

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