Fitting a Regulator to your Gas Cylinder

May 2, 2021

This article continues our guide to getting your gas stove set up for camping.

Once you’ve chosen your gas cylinder, you’ll need to select the appropriate regulator. In this article, we show you the regulators you need for Calor Butane 4.5kg, Campingaz butane cylinders, and Calor Propane cylinders.

Fitting a gas cylinder regulator

The regulator fits the top of your gas bottle and controls the release of gas from the cylinder to your camping stove. You connect a gas hose between the regulator and your stove.

There are different types of regulators for each of the different types of gas cylinders.

We help you decide what gas regulator you need

What gas regulators are needed for camping?

Both Butane and Propane gas bottles, and different brands (such as Campingaz), all have different fittings for their gas cylinders. You must get the correct fitting.

Browse to your chosen gas bottle below to find the right regulator and hose. We’ve included a price search to give you an idea of how much each item costs.

The downside with the kits, is that sometimes the hose can be a little short

You can sometimes get kits that combine regulator and hose, which can save some money. The only downside I’ve found with the kits is that sometimes the hose can be a little short when your stove is on your camping table.  Your gas cylinder should be on the ground, away from your stove. To work out how long a hose you need, measure the height of your camping table and add on a bit more to make it easy to position your stove on the table.

Remember, if you have a camping kitchen table that has a built-in windshield for stoves, which I recommend, these are higher than regular camping tables, and so you’ll want a longer hose for your gas cylinder.

What type of gas bottle do you have or are considering? Click the links below to view the regulator details for each specific gas bottle.

Here’s a good overview video from GoOutdoors:

A smaller cylinder for the most cost-effective gas

The Calor Gas 4.5kg Butane Regulator

The Regulator

Calor Gas 4.5kg Butane Cylinder
The Calor Gas 4.5kg Butane Cylinder. Often provides the most value for money.

This gas cylinder requires a Butane regulator with a Calor screw fitting and an 8mm hose.

butane regulator
This is the butane regulator you need for the 4.5kg Calor gas cylinder

How to fit the regulator to the Calor 4.5kg Butane gas bottle

The Tools You Need
A spanner for fitting the regulator; a screwdriver for the jubilee clips on the hose.

The video above from GoOutdoors shows the fitting of the gas regulator.

Fitting the regulator
First, tighten by hand the nut (turning anti-clockwise) onto the gas bottle.
Tightenning the gas regulator
Tighten the regulator with a gas spanner (or a spanner the appropriate size). Don’t overtighten though and damage the thread.

For the larger-sized cylinder

Calor Gas 7kg Butane Regulator

The Regulator

The 7kg Calor Gas bottle is the big brother of the 4.5kg bottle but uses a different regulator.

The 7kg Calor Gas bottle uses a different regulator than the 4.5kg gas bottle.

The 7kg bottle should last you a while, but as it’s larger to transport, isn’t always the first choice for camping.

Calor 21mm butage gas regulator
This is the 21mm butane gas regulator for the Calor 7kg gas bottle.

How to fit the regulator to the Calor 7kg Gas Bottle

The Tools You Need
Only a screwdriver for the jubilee clips on the hose.

Click here for Calor regulator fitting instructions.

This regulator is a push-fit onto the top of the gas bottle.

Calor has a video for this.

As illustrated in the Calor video, first make sure the valve is in the green position on the regulator.

The regulator valve showing green
First, make sure no gas will escape by switching the valve on the regulator so that the green indicator is showing.
Pushing down the regulator
Push the regulator down on the top of the Calor gas bottle until it clicks firmly into place.

A common choice as smaller and easy to transport

Campingaz R907 Butane 2.75kg Regulator

The Regulator

Campingaz R907 Refillable Butane Cylinder
The Campingaz R907 Refillable Butane Cylinder. A popular choice for campers with Campingaz stoves, though the Calor gas does work with these stoves.

This gas bottle requires a Butane regulator with a Campingaz fitting and an 8mm hose. The regulator screws onto the top of the gas cylinder, making it quick and easy to attached and remove when you go camping.

Campingaz Regulator
This regulator attaches to the top of the Campingaz Cylinders. You control the flow of gas by turning the knob.

How to fit the Campingaz Regulator to the R907 gas cylinder

The Tools You Need
Screwdriver for jubilee clips on the hose.

In this short video, we show you just how easy it is to connect the Campingaz regulator.

Here we’re using it with a Campingaz R907 gas cylinder and the regulator from the Campingaz Regulator Kit we purchased.

For colder weather

Calor 3.9kg Propane Cylinder Regulator

The Regulator

Calor 3.9kg Propane Cylinder (ideal for winter camping)
Calor 3.9kg Propane Cylinder (ideal for winter camping)

This gas bottle requires a propane regulator with a Calor screw-on fitting and an 8mm hose.

Calor Propane Regulator
Note that the propane regulators are red (butane are blue)

How to fit the Propane Gas Cylinder

The Tools You Need
A spanner for fitting regulator; a screwdriver for tightening the jubilee clips on the hose connections.

Click here to read the Calor guide to fitting a propane regulator.

Here’s a video from Calor showing you how to fit the gas regulator for their propane gas cylinder.

As illustrated by Calor in their video, you screw the regulator onto the bottle.

Turning off the gas bottle
First, make sure the gas bottle is turned off.
Removing the cap from the gas bottle
Remove the protective cap from the gas bottle.
Fixing the regulator
Tighten by hand the nut that connects the regulator to the gas bottle.
Tightening the regulator
Tighten with a gas spanner, but careful not to overtighten.

Not typically used for camping

The Calor Patio Gas Cylinder

The Regulator

Calor 5kg Patio Gas Cylinder
The Calor 5kg Patio Gas Cylinder

You can also get the Calor Patio Gas, which comes in a green bottle. This takes a different regulator to the Calor Gas 4.5kg Butane cylinder (a 27mm clip-on regulator).

For camping, typically one of the other gas cylinders are used.

Click here for Calor’s instructions for fitting a Calor Patio Gas Regulator

Get the correct hose

Hoses for gas regulators

Types of gas hoses

The regulators for the above cylinders (Calor Butane, Calor Propane, and Campingaz) require an 8mm gas hose.

Hoses should be checked to make sure they are not worn. They typically need replacing after a few years of regular use. Gas hoses have a date printed on them and should be replaced if more than five years from that date of manufacture.

hoses typically need replacing after a few years of regular use

Sometimes the hose on regulator kids may be a bit on the short side (we found this with the Campingaz Regulator Kit), and so you may want to buy a longer hose. 2m is usually sufficient, but you can purchase longer lengths.

Tips for Fitting Hoses

The hoses are simple push-fit connections. The hoses push onto the end of the regulator, and onto a similar connector on your gas camping stove.

You then fasten and seal the hoses in place by tightening jubilee clips with a screwdriver.

Unfortunately, you’ll typically find that new gas hoses are very stiff, and are difficult to push onto the fitting.

To make fitting easier, soak the ends of the hose in warm water first.  This is best done at home, before visiting the campsite.

soak the ends of the hose in warm water first….this is best done at home

If your only means of warming water is your new gas stove, you’re into a chicken-and-egg situation, with no means of warming the water unless you fit the hose and no way of fitting the hose without warming the water.

You don’t have to undo the hose and clips each time you go camping. The hose can stay connected to your stove and regulator. When you get to the campsite, you simply screw (or clip) the regulator onto your gas cylinder, and check that all the fastenings are still fitting correctly and the hose is not worn.

Top Tip for Checking Hoses are Fitted Correctly

If the washing-up liquid bubbles when the regulator is open… you have a gas leak.

Smear a bit of washing up liquid around the seal of your hose to your regulator and your stove.  If the washing-up liquid bubbles when the regulator is open, your clips aren’t secure enough and you have a gas leak.

Of course, washing up liquid might shorten the life of your hose. You can get the proper liquid to test for leaks, such as Calor’s biodegradable gas leak detector.

The Gas Spanner

If your regulator requires a spanner, you can get a ‘gas spanner’. These fit all Butane and Propane regulators that require a spanner. Of course, you don’t have to buy a special spanner; a normal spanner of the right size works fine. However, these are cheap and lightweight, and so easy to keep with your camping gear.

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  1. I am new to this and just got a campingaz stove,907 bottle and regulator.Just fitted the bottle and turned on to test but no gas comes out that I can hear or small. What is the problem? Regulator has an EVF valve is this preventing flow?
    Thanks for help.

  2. Hi ive a kuhhn rikkon bbq it comes with a screw in reulator for gas cannisters can i switch it to propane gas and wot fittings do i need

  3. Can you please tell me which regulator do I need for a Flowgas 4.5kg butane bottle ?
    Is this just the same as the 4.5kg butane Calor ?

  4. Hi Gav many thanks for your brilliant article on gas cylinders n regulators.
    I have a 907 cylinder and have just bought the regulator for it for an upcoming weekend camping. My question is do I use a (black) low pressure hose or the Orange high pressure hose with it?
    Your advice will be most welcome.
    Many Thanks

  5. Hi I’m just wondering if I can change my cooker over from camping gas bottle 907 to a 7kg bottle and would you be able to tell me what size regulater I would need … thanks ala n

  6. I want to connect two 47 kilo butane gas tanks together with a switch so that when one is empty, I can switch to the othet tank. Do you know where I can find the appropriate hoses and switch?

    • Hi Tom,
      Nice idea, but after thinking about it, I wonder if you need to do this?
      We don’t tend to run out of gas that often, and it’s easy to disconnect one gas bottle and connect up another.
      Most of the time you wouldn’t need to bring two bottles with you to the campsite if you can feel one has enough gas.
      I also know that even on our caravan, there’s no switchover between the two gas bottles.
      As for where you can get such a switch, I would try a plumbing merchant that also does gas. I can’t recall seeing such a switch at any camping suppliers.

  7. my bbq has a screw on hose. Its 16 yr old now. I want to replace the hose but can I jubilee clip the new hose on. It came with two clips but no screw?

  8. I have a Tilley talisman cooking stove… last year the guy at gas shop cut the hose so we could use different gas but the hose is tiny and just couldn’t attach it could I change the hose completely

    • I’m not familiar with how the hose connects to the Tilley talisman stove but I would be very surprised if you couldn’t completely change the hose. All stoves I know are designed so that the hose can be replaced since hoses can degrade over time, so it’s safer to replace old hoses anyway.

  9. I have a 13kg propane gas bottle I am not getting any heat or power through the burners on the BBQ it is not that old . What do I need in the way of a regulator could this be the problem ,I’m at a bit of a loss.

  10. I want to purchase a campingaz party 600. Which hose and regulator kit is best to buy if I don’t want to use the campingaz cylinders. Also which alternative cylinders can I use thanks

  11. Can you help me please. I have a VERY old tiny Camping Gaz cylinder which measures roughly 6.3″ high and 14″ diameter. It has been very useful on my yacht as backup and now needs replacing. All the writing on the blue cylinder has worn off. Is it still available please and if so what is the number. Regards Keith Hodgson

    • Hi Keith,

      The Campingaz Cylinders have been around for a very long time. I would take it to a camping store/campsite/garage that does Campingaz. You could probably just exchange it for a new one. We’ve exchanged some cylinders for some old ones with no writing on. They all work just the same.

      If they won’t exchange it for you, you’ll need to pay for the gas and ‘lease’ the new canister.

  12. I have a butane cooker and want to connect t to a Calor 13kg bottle, which regulator do I need please?

  13. I bought a Campin Gaz stover and I am having real difficulty fitting the hose to the stove nozzle and the gas regulator. I have tried soaking the hose ends in hot water but I just don’t have the strength in my hands to force the hose on. Would it be safe to use Washing Up Liquid or Vaseline over the nozzle outlet/inlet pipe on both the regulator and the stove and trying again after re-warming the hose in hot water?

    • Hi Diane,  I agree. They can be really tough to fit on. I think washing up liquid should be OK since it is sometimes used to check for leaks by smearing the pipe end with washing up liquid and checking for bubbles.

  14. I have bought a campingaz camping chef stove which came with an 8mm hose. It’s proving difficult and expensive to find a stockist for the gas in my area and I wondered if calor gas was an option I could use?

  15. Thank you. this is amazing!

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