Fitting a Regulator to your Gas Cylinder

This article continues our guide to getting your gas stove setup for camping. Once you’ve chosen your gas cylinder, you’ll need to select the appropriate regulator. In this article we show you the regulators you need for Calor Butane 4.5kg, Campingaz butane cylinders, and Calor Propane cylinders.

Fitting a gas cylinder regulator

A regulator fits to the top of your gas cylinder and controls the release of gas from the cylinder to your camping stove. You connect a gas hose between the regulator and your stove.

Different Gas Regulators

Butane and Propane, plus different brands (such as Campingaz), have different fittings for their gas cylinders. It’s very important you get the correct fitting.

Click on the appropriate Gas Cylinder Regulator below for more details.

Calor Gas 4.5kg Butane Regulator

Calor Gas 4.5kg Butane Cylinder

Calor Gas 4.5kg Butane Regulator

This gas cylinder requires a Butane regulator with a Calor screw fitting and an 8mm hose.

Tools: Spanner for fitting regulator; screwdriver for jubilee clips on hose.

Click here for Calor regulator fitting instructions.

Regulator Only

29mbar Butane regulator with Butane Union 109 fitting.

Gas Regulator Calor Butane 29 Mbar (Screw in) LR2108
Gas Regulator Calor Butane 29 Mbar (Screw in) LR2108
 41 customer reviews...
Gas Regulator Calor Butane 29 Mbar (Screw in)
£6.90 £6.90
(as of 27/06/2017 - info)


Boiling Ring Hose Kit Includes Screw on Butane Regulator for 4.5Kg Butane
Boiling Ring Hose Kit Includes Screw on Butane Regulator for 4.5Kg Butane
 55 customer reviews...
BOILING RING HOSE KIT For use with 21.8 Left Hand screw on valved butane cylinders - (usually 4.5Kg)
£10.49 £10.49
(as of 27/06/2017 - info)

Campingaz R907 Butane 2.75kg Regulator

Campingaz R907 Refillable Butane Cylinder

Campingaz R907 Butane 2.75kg Regulator

This gas cylinder requires a Butane regulator with a Campingaz fitting and an 8mm hose.

Tools: Screwdriver for jubilee clips on hose.

Regulator Only

Campingaz Regulator 28/30
Campingaz Regulator 28/30
 74 customer reviews...
CampinGaz MK7 Regulator Tap 28/30


The Campingaz Regulator and Tap Unit enables low pressure appliances to run off refillable Campingaz cylinders.


  • Includes an excess flow cut off device
  • Simply screws onto the cylinder (901, 904 or 907)
  • 28 Mbar 1300g/h
Eligible For Free Postage
£12.99 £8.80
(as of 27/06/2017 - info)


Coleman Hose And Regulator Kit
Coleman Hose And Regulator Kit
 12 customer reviews...
Safely connect your Campingaz cylinder to your stove with the Campingaz Regulator and Hose kit.
£14.99 £13.95
(as of 27/06/2017 - info)

Calor Propane Cylinder Regulator

Calor 3.9kg Propane Cylinder (ideal for winter camping)

Calor 3.9kg Propane Cylinder Regulator

This gas cylinder requires a Propane regulator with a Calor screw-on fitting and an 8mm hose.

Tools:  Spanner for fitting regulator; screwdriver for jubilee clips on hose.

Click here to read the Calor hide to fitting a propane regulator.

Royal Propane Regulator Handwheel and 8mm
Royal Propane Regulator Handwheel and 8mm
 10 customer reviews...
Royal Propane Regulator Handwheel and 8mm
£7.20 £7.20
(as of 27/06/2017 - info)

Calor Patio Gas

Calor 5kg Patio Gas Cylinder
You can also get the Calor Patio Gas, which comes in a green bottle. This takes a different regulator to the Calor Gas 4.5kg Butane cylinder (a 27mm clip on regulator).

For camping, typically one of the other gas cylinders are used.

Click here for Calor’s instructions for fitting a Calor Patio Gas Regulator.

Fitting Different Regulators to Different Cylinders

Here’s a useful video showing you the different gas cylinder regulators:

Fitting the Campingaz Regulator to the R907 gas cylinder

In this very short video we show you just how easy it is to connect the Campingaz regulator.

Here’ we’re using it with a Campingaz R907 gas cylinder and the regulator came from the Campingaz Regulator Kit we purchased.

Hoses for gas regulators

The regulators for the above cylinders (Calor Butane, Calor Propane, and Campingaz) require an 8mm gas hose.

Hoses should be checked to make sure they’ve not worn (usually after a few years of regular use).

Sometimes the hose on regulator kids may be a bit on the short side (we found this with the Campingaz Regulator Kit), and so you may want to buy a longer hose. 2m is usually sufficient, but you can purchase longer lengths.

2 Metre - 8mm Gas Pipe - Caravan Motorhome Camping - LPG / Propane / Butane / BBQ
2 Metre - 8mm Gas Pipe - Caravan Motorhome Camping - LPG / Propane / Butane / BBQ
 9 customer reviews...
8mm hose is widely used for many applications including Caravan, Motorhome, Boats, Camper & BBQ. This hose complies with BS3212/2 and is date coded.
£4.68 £4.68
(as of 27/06/2017 - info)

Tip for Fitting Hoses

Hoses push onto the end of the regulator and onto a similar connector on your gas camping stove.

You then fasten and seal the hoses in place by tightening jubilee clips.

The problem is, new gas hoses are very stiff, and can be difficult to push onto the fitting.

The solution of course is simple: soak the ends of the hose in warm water first.  This is best done at home, before visiting the campsite.

Fit the hoses at home, not at the campsite
If your only means of warming water is your new gas stove, your into a chicken-and-egg situation, with no means of warming the water unless you fit the hose, and no way of fitting the hose without warming the water.

You don’t have to undo the hose and clips each time you go camping. The hose can stay connected to your stove and regulator. When you get to the campsite you simply screw (or clip) the regulator onto your gas cylinder. (But do check that all the fastenings are still fitting correctly)

Top Tip for Checking Hoses are Fitted Correctly

Smear a bit of washing up liquid around the seal.  If it bubbles when the regulator is open, your clips aren’t secure enough and you have a gas leak.

Cooking with Gas – Your guide to getting started with cooking with gas at the campsite

This is the third article in a series to help you get up and running with a camping stove.

The next article (coming soon) will provide you with information on transporting your gas cylinder to the campsite, and also touch on travelling to europe.

<< Choosing a Gas Cylinder Transporting your gas cylinder to the campsite >>

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  1. I bought a Campin Gaz stover and I am having real difficulty fitting the hose to the stove nozzle and the gas regulator. I have tried soaking the hose ends in hot water but I just don’t have the strength in my hands to force the hose on. Would it be safe to use Washing Up Liquid or Vaseline over the nozzle outlet/inlet pipe on both the regulator and the stove and trying again after re-warming the hose in hot water?

    2:22 pm on April 18, 2017
    • Hi Diane,  I agree. They can be really tough to fit on. I think washing up liquid should be OK since it is sometimes used to check for leaks by smearing the pipe end with washing up liquid and checking for bubbles.

      10:17 pm on April 18, 2017
  2. I have bought a campingaz camping chef stove which came with an 8mm hose. It’s proving difficult and expensive to find a stockist for the gas in my area and I wondered if calor gas was an option I could use?

    3:38 pm on April 8, 2017
  3. Thank you. this is amazing!

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