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Making family camping better for teenagers

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published Jul 2014; updated May 2023.

Just because your child becomes a teenager doesn't mean you need to stop family camping. Here's some great items to make camping better for teenagers.

Family camping doesn't have to stop when you have a teenager. Here are a few ideas to help make a better camping experience for your teenager...

Camping, Teenagers, and Families

It's only natural that as your child grows up and becomes a teenager, they'll want more independence:

  • They will not always want to go camping with mum, dad, brothers and sisters
  • They'll want their own space that they are in control of
  • They'll want to spend more time with their friends

For families that have been used to spending time together, this change through the teenage years can sometimes be difficult. But remember, they're becoming an adult. If a group of adults went camping, we wouldn't think twice about having multiple tents, so why not grant your son or daughter a bit of independence and get them a tent of their own?

A tent of their own?

Getting additional tents is not always practical as there's more to take, not to mention the cost.

However, there's a solution to this, at least for summer.

If they are just camping in the height of summer, get a funky pop-up tent.

It's quick and easy to put up and has a 'bit of attitude' in tent design. You might even get a matching summer sleeping bag.

This tent is ideal for family camps, enabling your teenager to have their own space.

If you get one that sleeps two, they could even take a friend.

Many campsites charge per head, not per tent, and won't mind an extra pop-up, so if you go to the right campsite, it won't cost you any more to stay.

The tent is also ideal for back garden summer sleepovers and easy for them to take to a friend's house. And as your teenager gets older, it may end up being used at festivals.