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FamilyCampfire Stories

Family Campfire Stories

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published Jul 2014; updated Oct 2023.

You can't go camping without a campfire, and can't have a campfire without campfire stories. Here's our free download of Campfire Stories for Kids.

Having a campfire is all part of the 'camping experience', and if you are having a campfire, you need some campfire stories. Here's our free campfire storybook to get you started...

These days you can take iPads, iPods, and even TVs to the campsite.

We like to have traditional camping entertainment: a campfire. It's amazing how you can be transfixed by a campfire (mind you, a lot of TV is just watching flashing lights, I suppose!).

Nothing goes better with a campfire than a campfire story....and we've got a few for you below.

Family Campfire Stories

Here are the chapters in this 2nd edition of our Campfire Storybook.

  • How to use this book - Tips and instructions on how to use the book to tell a great campfire story.
  • George, Jack, and the Graveyard
  • The Hairy Hands
  • A Prison fit for a Witch
  • The Giant's Cave
  • Camping with Aliens
  • The Ape in the Woods
  • The Forbidden Tower
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The Best Way to Tell a Campfire Story

you can do much better than just reading the stories out

You could, of course, read out of our campfire storybook to your kids. But you can do much better than just reading the stories out 😉

Campfire stories are best told as stories of something you 'heard about' or experienced. Reading them from a book doesn't come across as well.

With each campfire story, we have included a story outline. Read the main story, and once you're familiar with the theme, you can use the story outline to help retell it without reading from the book.

Tell it your way

It doesn't matter if you can't remember the story word for word. Tell it your way.

Remember to modify each story to suit your kids, location, and places your family knows for that added realism.

We've also indicated in some stories when to speak quieter and when to shout....but again, it's totally up to you.

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