Adult and Child ‘Camo’ Sleeping Bag Test

Our little lad loves everything in camouflage at the moment. However, some of the camo sleeping bags we’ve seen for kids have not been what I would call ‘proper’ sleeping bags.

Fortunately, the guys over at Military 1st had a solution for us and sent us over both an adult and child sleeping bag for us to try on a winter camp.

Watch our video below to see how we got on with them both.

Adult Sleeping Bag: Pro-Force Phantom 400

First up, let’s look at this sleeping bag from Pro-Force.

You might not have heard of Pro-Force. Well, they are a brand of Highlander that supplies outdoor gear to the military.

So, this doesn’t just look the part. It is the part.

The Phantom 400 is a four season sleeping bag, with a comfort rating of -7C. That’s one well-insulated sleeping bag, and it certainly did well on a frosty night on a hilly campsite in February.

The insulation comes from QFX Hollow Fibre, and the bag certainly feels well insulated.

On the outside, is a water resistant polyester rip-stop fabric, but inside the bag is much softer to touch.

As well as the mummy hood and foot box section, there’s also an extra baffle that goes around your body to help keep heat inside the sleeping bag.

Although four season sleeping bags tend to be big and bulky, this doesn’t feel too big when it’s in the stuff sack. The reported weight is 2.2kg, but it didn’t feel that heavy.

At the time of writing the Highlander Phantom 400 sleeping bag is £59.95 from Military 1st.

Child Sleeping Bag: Highlander Cadet 350 Junior

The child sized camo sleeping bag we tested was the Highlander Cadet 350 Junior.

The spec of the Cadet 350 Junior is lower than the Phantom 400, being only a 3 season sleeping bag.

We took some extra insulation, including a Mil-Tec Poncho Liner, so despite the sleeping bag only having a lower limit of 0C, our lad was very snug.

This Cadet 350 we used is the Junior edition (dimensions 125x75x50cm). You can also get a larger Cadet 350 (dimensions 230x80x55cm).

At the time of writing the Highlander Cadet 350 Junior sleeping bag is £21.95 at Military 1st.


Both sleeping bags performed really well on our winter camp and are ready for the next camp 🙂

They get the thumbs up from us.

Thanks to Military 1st for supplying these sleeping bags for us to test.
All opinions are our own.

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