Best Head Torches for Family Camping

Best Head Torches

Head torches are something you can’t do without if doing anything like family camping:

  • Great for finding things in the tent in the dark without turning on the big light
  • Great for using your hands and getting the campfire sorted in the dark
  • Great for keeping your hands free when you take the little ones to the toilet block at night!

I know some mums can feel that head torches aren’t very ‘fashionable’ or stylish, but if you do any camping, you’ll soon be wearing them.  And there are some in a variety of styles now anyway 😉

With the introduction of LED lighting, head torches are light and bright, and batteries can last a long time.   However, there are a lot to choose from.

To save you time in hunting down which product to buy, we’ve chosen some of the best head torches that would be ideal for family camping.

Best Head Torches Comparison Table

Product Weight Battery Life (max) Brightness Water Resistant More
LED Headlight – Ring Cyba-Lite 25g 16 hours N Clip-on LightAdjusts 90°
Petzl Tikkina 2 – Recommended 80g 140 hours 18 lumens (23 metres) Y Adjust beam and direction.
Petzl Tikka 2 LED Headtorch 81g 120 hours (rechargeable option) 40 lumens (29 metres)  Y 3 light modes
Petzl Tikka2 Plus 83g 185 hours (eco mode only) 70 lumens (40 metres)  Y 3 white modes2 red modes
LifeSystems Intensity 220 180 hours 220 lumens N Spot or flood light.

This Cyba-lite LED Headlight is a small and relatively in-expensive head torch.  It reportedly has a battery life of up to 16 hours.

We have used similar head torches to this and that’s a similar battery life that we achieve.

The torch part can clip off.  This should be useful to attach to something else, such as your coat.  In practise though we have found this a little bit fiddly, and end up having to keep clipping the torch to the head strap, and never have the need to clip it to anything else.

Petzl Tikkina Head torch – Recommended

Petzl Head Torch

Petzl are well known for producing good head torches and the Tikkina 2 gets you a great product at their entry level price range…but don’t be put off by ‘entry level’ as this is a fantastic head torch at an affordable price.

We reviewed this head torch and recommend it. Read our review and watch our video here.

It gives a good distance of 23 metres and claims up to 140 hours battery life (our batteries haven’t run out yet!)

The Petzl Tikkina 2 comes in blue, green, orange, and pink (or Rose as they like to call it).

Cheapest price Petzl head torch quality, and recommended by us

Moving up the Petzl line from the Tikkina 2 is the Tikka 2.

This is almost identical as the Tikkina 2, except the Tikka 2 comes with three lighting modes (bright, low, and flashing), and a slightly longer beam of light (though at a slightly reduced battery rate – though see below).

Not quite the same colour range.  You can get this one in either tropical blue, violet, or grey.

The Tikka 2 can also use a rechargeable battery option, known as the Petzl Core.

See their video below…

A Petzl Tikka 2 with the Core system and rechargeable pack is a bit more expensive though…

The next level up from Tikka 2 is the Tikka 2 Plus.

Petzl have a large range – all fine for camping – but we’re going to stick here as most will not need the extra features for family camping.

The reason the Plus gets a mention is that you can red lighting as well as white.

Why would I want a red light?  Well, it can take a while for your eyes to adjust to the dark, but once adjusted, as soon as they see a bright white light, your eyes take time to readjust to the darkness again.  With red light this isn’t the effect is a lot less.  So if you just need to find something quickly in the dark, then use the red light and most of your night vision will not be lost.

There are 3 white light modes (economic, bright, and flash) and two red light modes (normal and flash).

Best Petzl for Family Camping

D of E Recommended Lifesystems Intensity 220 – Recommended when you need a lot of light

Finally, a non-Petzl product. This is the LifeSystems Intensity 220, which we also have a detailed review on (click here to read it).

The LED Lenser is rechargeable with the power pack at the back of your head.  This increases the overall weight of the head torch, but it is distributed around your head.

It has a very bright light that you can either focus to form a spot light, or open up to flood light an area.

If you think that you are going to need something to cover a large area (finding the dog or kids in the dark??) then this larger head torch may be ideal.

Ideal when you need a lot of light

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