How to camp with no washing facilities

How to camp with no washing facilities

Camping without washing facilities

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published Jun 2020; updated Jun 2023.

Found a great campsite but it doesn't have any washing facilities? Don't worry, we show you what you need.

So, how can you go camping with no washing facilities?

Plenty of excellent back-to-basics campsites in stunning locations don't have washing facilities. Or, if they do, the washing facilities may be far away.

Fortunately, we've camped without washing facilities plenty of times. So here are some useful tips so your family can go camping without washing facilities too.

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Get a large water carrier with a tap

You need water at your tent, and a large water carrier with a tap is essential.

This is always placed on the edge of a camping table, with a bowl underneath to catch the water, and some liquid soap for handwashing nearby.

That's a quick and easy place to wash your hands. And as most campsite's water is suitable for drinking, and easy place to get drinks or fill the kettle.

We've used a large solid plastic water carrier with a tap for years. This year, we are trying out the Outwell Collaps water carrier, which takes up less space in the car, as well as holding more water.

Take Two Bowls

Taking two washing bowls has been very helpful.

One bowl stays underneath the water carrier and is used for washing hands. And sometimes, washing face, etc.

The other bowl is kept for washing up. To save water, washing up isn't done until enough items are in the bowl.

For years we used cheap plastic washing-up bowls. The problem with them is that they take up space in the car. We now use Outwell Collaps Wash Bowl and Wash Base.

Liquid Soap

Liquid soap is a lot less messy than a bar of soap, and is easy to to transport to and from the campsite.

We have a hand-wash liquid soap. However, if we're also camping off-grid with no washing facilities, then liquid face soap is ideal to take too.

A Note on Washing Up Liquid

If you use regular washing-up liquid or any other liquid soap, pour your used water down the grey-waste drain, not into the bushes, nor into any stream. This will contaminate the environment.

You can get biodegradable washing up liquid of course, which more environmentally friendly.

And a Kettle

Warm water's the best at washing dishes and a lot nicer if you wash your face.

If you are camping off-grid, the only way you can heat the water is with your kettle.

You don't need to let the water boil. Simply warm it up and mix it with the cold from your water carrier. Make sure you test the temperature of the mixed water before you let your kids put their hands in there.

For ultimate tent luxury, we've used this from Robens to get hot water on tap, heater by our tent stove 🙂

But the water is VERY hot!!

What about no toilet block?