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This is an easy to cook dish that ensures everyone in your family gets a proper meal at the campsite.

Sausage and Stuffing Ball Jumble - A complete meal for camping

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published Sept 2013; updated May 2023.

Sausage and Stuffing Ball Jumble is a complete meal in a pot that's ideal for family camping, ensuring everyone gets a proper balanced meal.

Sausage and Stuffing Ball Jumble is an ideal way to provide a balanced diet to everyone at camp. Especially good on colder camps.

Dutch Oven Sausage and Stuffing Ball Jumble

This is a recipe that we adapted from Moveable Feasts book. Think of it as an entire dinner in one meal.

Sausage and Stuffing Ball Ingredients

You can vary the ingredients slightly. This is a mixture of different things all 'jumbled' together.

  • 1 pack of stuffing
  • 1 pack of sausages
  • A selection of veggies
  • Halloumi cheese (optional)

We used a tin of new potatoes, a pack of fresh broccoli and carrots, and some fresh cherry tomatoes for the veggies.

Fresh new potatoes would have been better, but sometimes veggies in a tin are easier to transport and store when camping.


We used our gas stove and whistling kettle to boil the water for the stuffing, trangia stove for cooking the veggies, and Dutch oven for the jumble.

It's unnecessary to use all of the above; you could cook it all on a gas stove, for example. However, it does cook well in a Dutch Oven.

Making Sausage and Stuffing Ball Jumble

There are a few simple steps to making the Sausage and Stuffing Ball Jumble.

First off, start the veggies cooking, as these can sometimes take a while when camping.

Rather than separate pots, we cooked all the veggies together.

Here are a few tips for making things easier when boiling veggies at the campsite:

  • Boil the water in the whistling kettle first. This uses less gas than heating water in a saucepan.
  • Make sure your pot has a lid on. A lot of heat is lost through the top of the pot. You'll cook quicker and use less gas with a lid on.
  • Shield your flame. Even a slight breeze around your flame will reduce its effectiveness, making it take longer to cook and use more fuel.

Make up the stuffing and set aside. The type of food where you add boiling water is a real time saver when camping 😉

Fry the sausages. Using the Dutch oven, this was easily done with just coals underneath the oven.

Shape the stuffing into balls (about the size of cherry tomatoes), and fry with the sausages.

If you use Halloumi Cheese, you could add it now or later, depending on how fried you like it.

When the veggies are cooked, drain and add to the pot with the sausages to heat through together. Add the cherry tomatoes and stir.

There you go—one complete meal in a pot.

Here's a little video we made:

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